Boys and Easter Baskets

I’m a boy mom. I’ve never bought a frilly Easter dress, white patent leather shoes, or anything from the American Girl catalog. I’ve never substituted a pink feather boa for Easter grass in a basket. I’ve arranged Easter treats in the bed of Tonka trucks and in potty chairs. I can’t resist adding something cute to the mix, though, and this year it was an adorable little stuffed monkey for each boy.

I think he’s calling the monkey Ah-nold. ¬†And I suspect jelly bean grenades are involved.

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6 thoughts on “Boys and Easter Baskets”

    1. From your mouth to God’s ear. If it ever happens I’ll have to notify the American Girl Doll company well in advance – they’ll have to step up production!!

  1. ahh, you gotta love boys. thankfully i have a girl in the mix (who also likes killing things, but oh well).

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