Bringing Back the Banana Clip

Remember the Banana Clip? The eighties hair accessory that was the inspiration for Commander LaForge’s visor in Star Trek The Next Generation? No? Well then, bless your heart, you’re probably too young to worry about things like gray hair and wrinkles. Get off the computer, get out there, and enjoy life. Gravity is not your friend.

For about the past four years I’ve been wearing my hair up in a clip every day. Reaching above my head to style my hair (not that what I did could ever really be called styling) typically left me with extra neck pain, numb hands, and burns from – duh – using a curling iron with numb hands. But then one evening I was watching an old episode of Star Trek TNG and I remembered the banana clip. I put it on my shopping list and looked for it the next time I went to Kroger and the next time I went to Target. That’s about the extent of effort I’m willing to put into shopping, so anything I need that Kroger or Target doesn’t carry I end up ordering online. The UPS man loves me. Not. Anyway, I found banana clips on Amazon, but I was so excited I forgot to read the fine print. I ordered three, which I though meant I’d get three clips. Nope, I got three packages of four banana clips each in assorted colors. WOO HOO! This means I can leave them in weird places, the dogs can chew one up, and I still can always find one 🙂 Here’s how it looks in my hair:
me clip front
Here’s how it looks in Catherine’s hair. (She’s so good about humoring me on this stuff.)
c clip
Here’s what it looks like when I pulled out my glue gun and attached a flat-back stone. Kinda cute, huh? I don’t remember what kind of stone it is, but I bought it after a speaker had come to our writing group and discussed stones and energies and chakras and stuff. I suspect I’m not the only one who went straight home and ordered the stones for inspiration in writing and weight loss. This is the inspiration for writing one, which I popped out of the butt-ugly piece of jewelry it came in. I figure it can’t hurt to have to attached to my head while I’m writing, right?
me blue clip

My husband likes it, says it looks like a long, fluffy ponytail. I guess that’s good in guy-speak. The best part about it for me is that it’s curved to follow the shape of my head, so I can keep it in every time I have to go lie down because of neck pain. I’ve even slept in it!

I’m pretty darn happy with my banana clips, but are they like a “gateway drug”? Will I soon be cutting the collars out of my sweatshirts a la Flashdance, putting on legwarmers and high-top Reeboks, and creating the dreaded Mall Bangs? Nah. I’m just gonna go listen to my Valley Girl soundtrack and not worry about it.

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8 thoughts on “Bringing Back the Banana Clip”

  1. OMG! I loved banana clips! I mean LOVED banana clips! I have thick wavy hair, and they made my hair look awesome.

    I may have to check out the ones on Amazon. I tried a set from Dollar Tree a couple months ago, and they were too flimsy and wouldn’t stay in my hair. I would love for this trend to resurrect itself. My hair would look FREAKING AWESOME!

    1. I saw one on Amazon that had and extra loop of “claws” below the clip that I bet would be perfect for your hair! Mine’s thin and fine, so I can make do with the flimsier kind 😉

  2. Angie, I love the banana clip! I still have some “originals” hiding around my house somewhere. Bet you’ll be bringing them back in vogue;-)

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