Broccoli Tortellini Salad ~ Lunchbag Week 10

One of Aaron’s favorites this week . . . he’s celebrating a big birthday in just a few days and I can’t help pampering him a bit. This time next year I won’t be making his lunches – he’ll be eating them in a dining commons or a dorm room. (Short feeling sorry for myself break here) OK, get a big package of frozen, dehydrated, or refrigerated tortellini stuffed with cheese, chicken, or some combination of the two (I think they all turn out just as well, so I buy whichever’s on sale). Prepare according to package directions, adding two heads of chopped fresh broccoli during the last couple of minutes of cooking time. Drain and return to pot. Toss with your favorite Italian dressing (I used Caesar), coarse ground pepper, kosher salt, and a few leaves of chopped fresh basil. I bought several pots of herbs on clearance a couple of weeks ago just as the garden shops were closing out the perennials and am hoping to keep them alive in a window box in my kitchen over the winter. This is good hot or cold, as a main dish salad or a side dish with a sandwich or soup. With this weather, I think soup’s going to be on the lunch menu for next week. I’d better go hunt up the thermoses.

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