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I remember buying textbooks for college. Back when I was a cute little college student the only place one could buy books was the college bookstore. And the professors usually didn’t post what texts were needed for their classes until a week or so before classes started. So as a Freshman I had to move into the dorm, walk across campus to the bookstore (only God gets a parking space on UK’s campus, and that’s only on Sundays), buy my books, most of which were only available new, not used, and lug them all back to the dorm. Mind you, I carried 18-21 credit hours every semester, and those books were HEAVY. And I had to dodge the dinosaur droppings on the sidewalks – yeah, I’m old.

Aaron leaves for college in three weeks. His wonderful girlfriend made me a list of the textbooks he needs – complete with ISBN numbers (yes, she rocks) and today I finally sat down to order the books. I knew it would be painful, but I’d done a little research on the best websites to buy books from, search engines for textbooks, etc. Apparently, I am a shopping BEAST! I bought every single book he needs for this semester’s classes, all of which will be delivered to our doorstep before he has to leave . . . all for less than $200. Yes, that’s right, less than $200. I graduated from college in 1988 and I sometimes has to pay almost $200 for one textbook! Here’s how to do it – parents with high school kids, bookmark these sites now and save yourself some time later. not only has the best selection and lowest prices, they have a deal where anyone with a valid .edu email address can get Amazon Prime for free – that’s free 2-day shipping. And no, Amazon Prime isn’t available for absolutely everything, but it works for most items! is a close second, but I have to tell you I’ve personally had a couple of bad experiences with sellers not sending items I’d ordered. I got refunds, but refunds don’t put the book in the backpack. I didn’t feel comfortable using them for something this important. But the site that gave me the most peace of mind was Best Book Buys. It’s a shopping search engine, and you can search by title, author, or ISBN number (the best way). They give you an exhaustive list of sources for that book with links to click on to purchase. I found them on Twitter, oddly enough. have I mentioned how much I LOOOVE Twitter? I do recommend that you have new and used prices from your college book store handy for comparison. Catherine took care of that for me, too. Did I mention that she totally rocks?

So I just bought $315.55 worth of books for $197.68, including tax and shipping. I. Am. A. Beast!

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2 thoughts on “Buy College Textbooks – Check!”

  1. Woot! Great job, momma! And, I too recall SOBBING the first semester of nursing school, when my books were $500!!

  2. My son starts his junior year next month. He, for the first time, got online and compared text book prices. He put together a spreadsheet of what he found and plans to order accordingly. I was so impressed with him doing this:)

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