Caesar Pork Sandwich ~ Lunchbag Week 14

This is a tale of leftovers and substitutions, but it has a happy and delicious ending. I found this recipe for a Caesar Pork Sandwich that looked really yummy, and I thought since I had a big pork roast in the crock pot for Sunday’s supper the leftovers would be perfect. The problem was the recipe called for Romaine lettuce (of course) and not only did my grocery’s Romaine lettuce look nasty – ALL their lettuce looked nasty. Mind you, this is not some little hole-in-the-wall grocery I’m talking about. It’s the biggest and busiest Kroger in the region, and is well-known for having fantastic produce. Well, not right now. The only thing that I could find that looked edible I thought I could substitute was some broccoli slaw, so I went with it. I sprinkled the broccoli slaw with some shredded Parmesan and poured Caesar dressing on a little at a time, just enough to coat the slaw mix, then added some salt and pepper. I used rice bread for the sandwich, and I have to say it was pretty darn yummy!

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