Can Kids Still Be Creative?

I’m linking up to Mama Kat’s Writers’ Workshop this week, not only because the prompts are great, but also because her new blog design is SMOKIN’ HOT!  Drop by and check it out!

The prompt that called to me this week addressed the possibility of kids today being involved in too many extra-curricular activities, and not having time to play, and get bored, and use their imaginations.  My boys are seven years apart, and I selected their activities ( a WIDE variety) up until about second grade, and then I let them take over.  John, my youngest, is now twelve, and he’s involved in Beta Club, does all the school plays, is in the school chorus, and plays saxophone in the school band.  In the summer he does community theater camps.  But he still has time to be creative.  He has recently discovered steampunk, and become fascinated with the weapons.  Here are his latest designs, which he plans to build from parts scavenged from our basement, my favorite thrift store, and the local hardware store:

The Caravan
The Marauder
The Widow Maker

For those of you without male children old enough to point a finger and yell, “BANG!” – please realize that designing firearms with “lethal plasma” is perfectly normal, and may even be praise-worthy.  Here is another point-and-shoot accomplishment of John’s, and it’s one of my personal favorites.

This is a picture John took of my mom and step-dad’s dog, Winnie.  I think it’s fabulous, and I even had it put on canvas for their Christmas present.  It doesn’t matter to me if he selects extra-curricular activities that are athletic or academic, or if he spends his free time shooting pictures or shooting guns, as long as he’s excited about what he’s doing.  Isn’t that what it’s all about?

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17 thoughts on “Can Kids Still Be Creative?”

  1. As long as he is excited about something that moves him to create — and no one gets hurt in the process (much) — then it’s all good. 🙂

  2. I’m so glad you picked this prompt! I love his drawings and, as a mother of a little boy, I completely “get” the gun thing. Well maybe not “get” per se, but I do know it’s normal. 😉

    1. Yeah, sometimes girl-moms just don’t understand that every single thing a little boy gets in his hands is going to turn into a “gun” sooner or later – stick, pool noodle, piece of toast . . .

  3. (linking up my writing blog today since that’s where my writers workshop is)…

    My son just turned three and he does the finger shoot already. And no one taught him how to do it. LOL

    As for John? Not only does he draw well, but his handwriting? is WOW. I’m seriously impressed.

    1. Aww, thank you so much! Yeah, I remember when my oldest was in kindergarten and I invited the ENTIRE CLASS to his birthday party at a local park. Yeah, rookie mistake! But anyway, the girls all grouped together under the playground equipment and played house. Everyone had new names, roles, and there was a lot of dialog and role-playing. The boys ran around yelling, “Bang!” and shooting each other with their finger guns – even the boys whose mothers swore they’d never seen a gun in their lives. EYE-OPENING!

  4. This past fall, we cut out a lot of stuff. The girls have been limited to one activity each. I was more worried about it than they were, but it’s worked out GREAT!

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