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Every year my skin gets a little drier, and “winter skin” hits a little earlier.  This year I got hit with the double-whammy of dry winter skin and a weird mystery rash I’ve been using steroids and antibiotics to control for over a month.  My theory is stress-induced leprosy, but I suppose the actual diagnosis is a moot point as long as I can get it cleared up.  Anyway, just as all this was getting started Carmex sent me a skin care set, which included both their Healing Lotion and Healing Cream.  I’d used Carmex lip balm before and liked it, but had never tried their skin line.  I was VERY impressed.  I use the lotion routinely, and the cream if I have especially dry patches or am feeling itchy at bedtime.  It’s completely non-greasy.  By that I mean I just put it on my hands and I am NOT leaving little greasy fingerprints on my keyboard.  When I put it on my feet I don’t leave shiny footprints on the hardwood floors.  And the scent is very appealing – very soft and light.  I’m so picky about scents that I make my own laundry detergent, so when I say “light scent” I mean it’s very possible most people won’t even think it has a scent.  Why didn’t I ever use this before?  Honestly, probably because of the packaging.  The yellow and red just screamed “medicinal” to me, and I assumed it would be greasy and smell funny.  My mistake.  I checked out their website, and they also have tinted lip balm, so I’m going to try that next.  Don’t judge a book by its cover or a lotion by its tube!!

*disclaimer: Carmex provided me with a Skin Care Set in exchange for a product review.  All opinions expressed are my own, as always!

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2 thoughts on “Carmex ~ Product Review”

  1. I did not know that Carmex had lotions and creams. I love their lip balm. I’m also glad to know about the tinted lip balm since I rarely take time to put on lipstick. You are just a wealth of great information today. Thanks!

    Sorry about your leprosy.

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