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March 3 in 30 ~ Biting Off More Than I Can Chew?

This should be an interesting month.   What is that Chinese curse – “May you live in interesting times”?  I signed up to participate in a Writing Challenge this month – 25,000 words.  Kind of a mini NaNoWriMo.  I’m especially excited about it, because I’m starting a new book, and I think it’s got a lot of potential.  I’ll be having neurosurgery next month, which will hopefully decrease my neck pain significantly, but I’ve got a lot to do to  get ready for that.  And Lent will be starting, which is my favorite part of the liturgical year (yes, I know I’m odd).  So my March 3 in 30 goals are all interconnected.

My Home goal involves getting my house organized and ready for a period of bedrest and recuperation.  My Health goal focuses on going into this surgery as healthy as possible.  I’m giving up caffeine for Lent (GASP!) and will try to do yoga and walk at least three times a week before surgery.  As my Happiness goal I am going to throw myself wholeheartedly into the new book, and visit different churches in hopes of selecting a new church home before Easter.

Anyone else feeling a bit overwhelmed?

February 3 in 30 ~ A Mixed Bag

I just looked back at my February 3 in 30 goals, and well, I’ve hit both ends of the spectrum this month.  My Home goal involved continuing and improving upon my latest FlyLady attempt.  FAIL!  And I don’t just mean relative failure, I mean crashing-and-burning, never did my 15 minutes a day in the Zone once during the whole month failure.  Paying off credit cards?  Well, I paid off one – the smallest.  Not impressive.  My Happiness goal involved taking an online writing class this month.  I stopped participating after the third assignment.  I’m doing the work, mind you, just not on their schedule.  And I’m not turning it in.  The teachers were getting on my nerves.  I did submit query letters to three agents (still waiting on replies) and will get to hear a fabulous author speak tomorrow, but I can’t call this month a roaring success there, either.  Lastly, my Health goal involved decreasing this stupid neck pain I’m been suffering through for way too long.  I had an MRI, saw a neurosurgeon, and had a cervical myelogram.  Them yesterday, I FINALLY,  after over a year of constant severe neck pain, found out WHY I’m in pain.  My second cervical fusion never fused.  So I’ve been walking around with cervical vertebrae rubbing against each other and pushing metal fragments around in my neck for almost two years.  I’m THRILLED to finally have an answer, and a plan of treatment.  I’ll have my third cervical disc surgery on about a month and hopefully decrease my pain dramatically – my prayers have been answered!  And looking at it all in perspective, who really cares if my house is clean or not? 🙂

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February 3 in 30

Since my Home goal last month wasn’t a total success I’m going to keep trying with a variation of Fly Lady this month.  I noticed the other day (while cleaning off bookshelves in my bedroom) that I have quite a collection of cleaning and de-cluttering books.

And two of my favorites aren’t even in this stack: Speed Cleaning and Spring Cleaning, both by Jeff Campbell.  I may not be an exceptionally good housekeeper, but I am certainly a very well-read one!  I’d also like to start whittling away at our credit card debt this month, but since I’m still adjusting my budget to my new paycheck frequency I’ll have to play that one by ear.

My Health goal is pretty straight-forward.  I’ve been having neck and back pain constantly for over a year, and I want to take it from an 8 on a scale of 1-10 (where I am now) to a 3.  I had an MRI this week and I have an appointment with a new neurosurgeon later this month, so I have my fingers crossed he’ll have some good suggestions.

My Happiness goal this month involves taking another online writing class, which I’ve already started, attending a live educational offering from an author I LOVE later this month, and submitting my manuscript to two agents.  I have my copy of Literary Marketplace on the dining room table, but it’s rather large and intimidating!  What are your 3 in 30 goals this month?

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