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Being a Human Lie-Detector

I can’t lie. If someone asks me a direct question . . . I simply can’t.┬á I’ll give it away with the look on my face, a long pause, and probably other ways I don’t even realize. Thankfully, I’ve spent my entire career as a nurse so I can turn a phrase. I can change “obese” to “well-fed” as easily as I have changed “kicked me HARD in the belly while I was pregnant” to “a bit disoriented at times” when talking to family members.

This also means I can almost always tell when someone lies to me face-to-face.┬á Many times I can even tell over the phone if I’ve spent enough time around the person. There’s a sociopath I’ve known for decades who has so many tells he should never play poker!

I don’t get out much. In fact, my social calendar is about 95% medical visits and therapies. But I can tell you without a doubt my primary care physician smiles widely when he lies. And another of my docs is either a pathological liar or truly doesn’t give a shit about any of his patients. Hard to say. Also hard to find another doc in his specialty nearby so I don’t have to drive so far and pay to be lied to.

But if you’re a human lie-detector you can’t advertise the fact. It makes people nervous. And letting people know what their ‘tells’ are is an incredibly bad idea. There’s most likely someone else in their life that also knows how to tell when that person is lying – someone to whom it’s much more important. So just keep mum.

I only interact with my bestest friends and my close family. And those are the people who’d only lie to me for good reasons. Example of good reason: “My hands go numb when I reach over my head. Does my hair look OK?” Answering “Looks fine!” is perfect even if I know it’s a big ‘ole lie. Why? Because that same person would immediately help me tame my crazy hair into something that didn’t scare small children if necessary – without saying a word. #blessedwithgoodfriends



Fab Five in Nine Lines.

I’m taking up Mama Kat’s challenge this week and writing a blog post in just nine lines!

Loved Tan at first sight – the epitome of class! And #thathair sigh

Karamo is so genuine – I’ll never believe his responses are scripted.

Bobby – Mr. unresolved issues. I want to bring him home for supper ­čÖü

Antonio – the quiet crier. I can SO relate.

Jonathan – I’m still on the fence here.
The hair-flipping in Season One made me want someone to push him out of the SUV. Better in Season Two, but he has to stop swishing. No one really behaves that way. Seriously.

LOVE that they are not limiting their makeovers to straight guys!

Smoothie for YOUR Needs!


I received compensation from Bayer Consumer Health, makers of MiraLAX® to write this post. MiraLAX® is a laxative used to treat occasional constipation. All opinions are entirely my own. #ReliefMadeEasy #CollectiveBias

I was a Cardiology nurse for over twenty years. That means very low fat, vegetarian if you can do it. But I’ve seen all the diets (I refuse to call them ‘fads’ because they work for some folks) come and go. The Zone, Adkins, Keto, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Lactose-Free, whatever. But the words of a now-retired Cardiologist always ring in my ears when I hear about something wonderful, new, and healthy: “All things in moderation.”

That said, here’s a recipe everyone can modify for their own needs. Smoothies are great if you’re in a rush in the morning, but they’re also a great option if you aren’t able to take a lunch break (Hello, fellow, nurses!) or if you’re a parent shuffling between rehearsals, practices, meetings, study sessions, and whatever else. I don’t have that option since I must take in sixty grams of protein a day or I risk my hair falling out! How’s that for motivation? YIKES!

(Pardon my crappy photo-shopping – but you get the idea!)

So let’s down to business: I need a different smoothie Every. Single. Day. Some days I know I haven’t had enough protein, and I need to boost that. Some days I’m constipated (let’s just be real here) and I need something that won’t keep me in the bathroom all day. Some days I just feel queasy and need something tasty, tummy-calming, nutritious, and small.

So I read up a bit, and decided on a grocery list. I was going to Kroger – my usual stop at the end of my street – so I checked to see if there were any coupons to be printed. JACKPOT! (And this link is good everywhere, on any MiraLAX┬« product y’all!)

I already had some of my go-to smoothie items at home, so this is what ended up in my cart (plus some glucosamine for my elderly dog and husband. Husband and dog, I mean):

Now, not to tell my guys’ secrets, but fast food is not good for the gut. #justsayin ┬áNor is my lifestyle or most of my meds *sigh*. ┬áSo if you want to have something safe and easy to use for that occasional constipation we all experience now and then for whatever reason HERE is what y’all need: MiraLAX┬«

If you haven’t bought this before this is the aisle where you’ll find it:

Odds are, it won’t be far from the pharmacy.

If it is, or if you’re unsure if it’s safe for you to take with your prescription medications, ask the Pharmacy folks. They are your besties for not only your prescriptions meds, but for the non-prescription ones as well. #LOVEKrogerPharmacists They worked long and hard for their degrees, so they truly appreciate honest questions. Such as, “Is there a difference between the dosage of the MiraLAX┬« Mix-In Pax and the regular MiraLAX┬«?” Answer: “NO.” So put it in your morning shake, tuck in your messenger bag, whatever suits you best.

Once I got home, this is what I put together for my shake:

Here’s my recipe:

  • one cup vanilla yogurt
  • one medium banana (as brown as possible) – sliced
  • 1/4 serving chocolate protein drink (more if you’re a chocolate addict)
  • 1 Tbsp peanut powder (optional – I’m a PB addict)

Tip: You can add MiraLAX® for relief for occasional constipation.

Blend in a blender, shake in a big cup, do whatever you would do to get a smoothie. Some people like ice. I prefer not because it makes my teeth hurts and makes me grumpy. If you’re grumpy even without the ice add cooled coffee. Or your physician-prescribed morning meds. #justsayin.


  • Calories: 295 (WHAT?!)
  • Grams fat: 3.5 (WTCardiology?)
  • Grams PROTEIN *drumroll*: 21 (mic drop)
  • Grams carbs: 41 (from yogurt and banana)

printable version

I don’t often use my big blender because I’m lazy and it takes up too much space in the dishwasher. #lazybutt So I use this small one. But once it’s all said and done and I screw on the cover for drinking (as if I’ve never drunk out of a Mason jar before – LOL!) This is what it looks like:

Now this is scrumptious stuff, so why would you want to drink it out of plastic? Put in something pretty and garnish it!

OK, full disclosure here. I hadn’t planned a garnish. But there was more in the plastic container than would fit attractively in the glass, so I drank it. And it was WAY yummy! And that made me want more so I scrounged around in the banana peel. Since I’d peeled it from the bottom (like monkeys do) there were none of those little strings – ICK! There was just one perfect little slice. GARNISH!

So this summer keep your options open. Smoothies are super-easy and can be pre-prepped and put in zip-locks before blending. There are lots of yummy ripe fruits, plenty of non-dairy options for yogurt or milk, and a handy option for those “oh, bleh” days. WATERMELON! Does anyone else see a watermelon smoothie in their near future? #OHYEAH

Put a pack or two into your spouse’s laptop bag. Sneak a few of the Mix-In packets into your young adult’s first-aid kit before they return to college. They’ll be thankful, but they probably won’t tell you. #parentlife And since MiraLAX┬« isn’t a stimulant laxative that works by forcefully stimulating the nerves in the colon #majorICK there will be no rushing out of an important meeting/class or scampering to the restroom on the far side of the store/office. Just follow the directions on the bottle or box/packet ┬á(i.e. Use only once a day and for no more than seven days in a row) and you’ll be, um . . . #GOODTOGO. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself!



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