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Your Fur Babies – Capture the Everyday

These are the pictures and descriptions I wrote up for my pets and posted on NextDoor, a great free app that helps with lost and found pets, recommendations for everything from babysitting to automotive repair, and inside scoops for yard sales and local fundraisers (i.e. bags of mulch delivered to your home!).

100 pounds
Chocolate Lab
no chip, very friendly, mostly deaf, wears pearls with her leather tack shop collar with WRONG phone # (our old land line). Call (XXX) XXX-XXXX.

70 pounds
Boxer, Pit, Retriever Mix
Rescue, drug/bomb canine training dropout, wary of men; loves kids and small dogs – TOTAL Ladies’ Man! Fixed, no chip, usually wears bandanna with his leather tack shop collar with WRONG phone # (our old land line). Call (XXX) XXX-XXXX.

Jeez, they look like mugshots!  I hadn’t realized how small I had to take them down to go on my NextDoor profile! But it’s incredibly handy if Boss jumps the fence. Sam isn’t likely to go that far from her food bowl.

I love them both to pieces, and do all I can to keep them healthy and happy. We actually recently started making our own dog food! That’s a post all on its own, but our dogs enjoy free run of the house and large back yard; including sofas, beds, and random human guests they use as pillows.

We started out with cats! I still miss a sweet ball of fur curled up against me, purring. What sort of fur-babies do you have??

Oh, and next week’s topic is Spring Break: Share memories, plans, tips, whatever!

Your Favorite Winter Olympics Sport – Capture the Everyday

First, a HUGE “Thank You” to Melissa Culbertson, who hosted Capture the Everyday on her early blog, Adventuroo. She kindly gave me permission to start it up again!

Yes, I’ve been on a blog-cation for many weeks. I’m finally treading water again, and I’m looking for more people who want to be positive about the little things in life! I’m still working on my badge and suggestions are welcomed!


Link up below with a post, write a comment, or just post a picture. I’ll be doing this every Monday (next week’s topic announced below). If you are linking to a blog post THANK YOU! And it would be wonderful if you would use just a simple link to my site to help spread the word.

So here’s my personal favorite Winter Olympic sport: Ice Dancing. I used to love Figure Skating, but now that everyone and their sister can do a triple axle it appears so emotionally devastating for the young competitors that I enjoy something that requires not only athletic ability and skill on the ice; but drama, emotion, and a clear connection to the musical choices.

I adored Trovill & Dean’s performance of Ravel’s Bolero, which took Gold in the 1984 Olympics.

They competed again in 1994 with an incredible revised routine with the same music, but only took home a Bronze medal. I can’t find it on YouTube, but it was brilliant.

What’s your favorite? Why? Has that always been your favorite? I want to know!!

{Next week is about your furbabies. Past, current, future, or all of the above!}

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