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Eight Things I’m Looking Forward to (Dreading) in August

Linking up with Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop this Thursday because by then I’ll be an empty-nester! Even the dogs are stressed.

— 1 —

My baby boy moves into his Freshman dorm this week. I’ve spent the past year building a Pinterest board to make his transition to college perfect. Bluebirds should fly through his window to light on his arms and bunnies should gather at his feet as he recites the Periodic Table.  He’s not on Pinterest, and is not interested in 95% of my college-related suggestions. In fact, he taunts me, as if since he’s eighteen and a high-school graduate he can do anything he wants to.

— 2 —

SO not gonna happen. We’d hoped to get a suite-style room (two guys to a room, four guys share/CLEAN the bathroom in between. Instead, he’s got a large communal bathroom. That’s what I had as a Freshman too. I can’t imagine the filth four male Freshman could inflict on one bathroom.  The cleaning crew probably wears Haz-Mat suits. But he gets AC (thank God). Is it really global warming or are we just wimps? There were only TWO dorms on campus that had AC my Freshman year, and they were at the far end of campus and so tall everyone had to factor in elevator-wait time to get to class.

— 3 —

He has a class schedule, but has yet to show it to me. I love scheduling classes. I carried 18-21 credit hours a semester without ever missing Peak Tanning Hours on at least Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. For four years. One would think this Freshman (who already knows he has to go to Drop/Add because of his AP test scores) would ask his mother’s advice. But alas, no. With his work study job I’ll just have to ask when he’s available for dinner.

— 4 —

Ah, dinner. As in dates. I sincerely hope those are forthcoming. He’s been much more a “hang out with friends” sort of person during high school, which is great. His friends are a very diverse group, and there have been many overnight events at my house. My dogs are EXCELLENT chaperones if Michael and I are asleep. If there is so much as a lingering hug in this house a large snout separates them. Seriously.

— 5 —

My house is a wreck and I can’t find anything. . . except John’s dorm stuff. I’ve made lists, checked sales, ordered online, ordered and picked up in-store, and even ordered from overseas when I couldn’t find just the right thing. John says he knows what he’s taking, but in less than 72 hours he’ll be moved in. How ready can he really be?

— 6 —

I was a little hurt when he said he didn’t want me to put anything away, or even make his bed for him. Aaron, his older brother, let me do all that. But John’s more like me. This is his first place (no roommate yet) and he wants to make it completely his own. I DO understand that. So perhaps I’ll make some breakfast muffins and meet his dorm neighbors and their families.

— 7 —

He can’t have “air-breathing pets”, so I was thinking about a Beta fish with one of those plants in the top of the bowl/vase you see at doctors’ offices. I’ve never really done the fish thing, and I’m not great with houseplants. Anyone have experience in this area?

— 8 —

Once he’s moved in I will have to put all the details out of my mind. He’ll be the one getting emails from teachers, he’ll be the one making sure he eats healthy and gets enough sleep. I’m going to write, tidy up the house, and let everyone know how awesome the newest Nerium products are. And yes, I will demand responses to my texts within a reasonable amount of time of I’ll have a seat under a tree near his dorm and read a book.

Back to School is my Crack


— 1 —

The trip to North Carolina was much easier than I thought, but I overestimated the ease of my recovery. It was just delayed. I still ended up flat-out miserable and stuck in bed for about a day and a half. So still no plans to visit Austin 🙁

— 2 —

Counting the days until college move-in day for John. This is the latest in his stack of supplies:

Pretty cool, right? I was planning on just the clear ones, but it’s the only decor he’s seemed excited about, so I’ll let him take it up with his roommate.

— 3 —

There have been way too many out-of-pocket expenses for a student who supposedly had a “full ride” scholarship. And way too many things that John should be taking care of that Michael or I have been doing at the last minute to meet deadlines. Procrastination makes me a nervous wreck, so he’d better pull it together since we won’t be getting email updates like in high school.

— 4 —

Michael started Nerium‘s new Youth Factor superfood and antioxident boost powder. I eat a healthy diet, but Michael’s never met a veggie he liked. Within FORTY-EIGHT HOURS he felt a difference, which is an incredible result for my favorite pessimist. He’ll be on this long-term, because with no signs of excess vitamins or minerals coloring his urine he’s absorbing all of this!

— 5 —

I know I’m way behind the times, but I’m addicted to having Pandora playing while I’m doing mindless activity (sorting email, checking FB, etc). I’ve been on a Stevie Nicks kick lately, and it’s been very calming.

— 6 —

John teases me that “Back to School is my crack” and he’s like 99% right. Especially for college. Here’s John’s first aid kit.

I made a similar one for Aaron his Freshman year and as far as I know it lasted until graduation.

— 7 —

I do understand that part of my love of assembling Back to School supplies is that I’m a #boymom and pretty much as long as nothing is pink, teal, fluffy, sparkly, or has kittens on it they don’t care.

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Thirty-one years ago I would never have guessed

that the degree I was working my ass off for would be worthless

that I’d have a baby granddaughter a thousand miles away

that I’d be moving my youngest into his college dorm in two weeks

that I’d spend my days talking to dogs

that I wouldn’t have a tan, but still wouldn’t have a wrinkle

that I’d have lost so many people I loved

that I’d have no idea what was coming next, but be okay with that.

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