— 1 —

Anyone who doesn’t get the David Bowie reference in the title needs to go search it on YouTube. I’m not giving you the link, because everyone should know the song. Just like you should be able to name the Beatles.  If I had my way, those would be the sort of questions they’d ask adults when assessing orientation after a car accident, after surgery, whatever. Don’t ask me what my name is, because it’s not what’s on my wristband. Don’t ask me what day it is, because it doesn’t matter unless it’s Sunday. (I like to watch the Walking Dead live.) Don’t ask me who the President is because I’m likely to rant, no matter who’s in office at the time. I just think I could do it better.

— 2 —

 For the next several months it doesn’t even matter if it’s Sunday, because last Sunday was the Walking Dead finale. Don’t think I’m being blasphemous here, it’s just that since Catholics can go to church on Saturday instead of Sunday it’s not like Sunday is always “church day”. John (my 16yo) and I bond over The Walking Dead, and then The Talking Dead. Chris Hardwick rocks, and I think he should have an after-show for every really intense TV show that airs. Seriously. If there’s someone who needs to be cloned, it’s Chris Hardwick.  We probably need one for each state. The Kentucky one would currently be interviewing my mom about UK basketball.

— 3 —

Michael and I set up a new checking account this week. That may not seem like a major thing to many people, but we’ve had the same account with the same people since we moved to Louisville in May of 1988. Thank goodness the lady we talked to had a sense of humor! We’d been with a credit union, which is just fine, but there are some things a credit union can’t do. So we set up our new account, and it’s probably going to take a week to think of every automatic payment or anything else linked to that bank or those debit cards we need to switch over. Thank God for PayPal and their student cards, or we’d be sending John off to New York with only cash. It’s a Spring Break band trip, and they are going to play in Carnegie Hall as well as see a Broadway play. My sons are so much more well-travelled than I am, and I’m glad they are!

— 4 —

I try not to ramble on about Nerium here, but I’m just so proud of our whole team. My sponsor earned her Lexus and got a big bonus, one of my Brand Partners ranked up and got a bonus, and both of my other Brand Partners got their products free for the second month in a row! Oh, and I ranked up twice, earned two bonuses, and amongst several others took one order (literally) in my sleep.  Michael is finally convinced this was a good idea! BTW, our next rank-up will include a Lexus. I’m not much of a car person – if it gets me from here to there and the radio works I’m fine – but I took a few for a “test-sit” and I swear they’re as comfortable as my bed!

— 5 —

I love Spring and Fall, but after four cervical spine surgeries my neck does not. It’s been a tough week pain-wise. Thankfully, when I went to my doctor to get my prescription and we were chatting about dogs, as usual, I mentioned my hot flashes. Mind you, I was just making conversation. I have a GYN I talk to about that sort of thing, and I have no intention of taking any hormone replacement since my mom had a mastectomy and chemo after a nasty breast cancer. But he was all excited, and gave me a month’s worth of a non-hormonal treatment for hot flashes. I told him my husband might be stopping by to kiss his feet if it worked. Poor Michael’s about to lose fingers and toes to frostbite at night while I’m still sweat-soaked and panting like a dog. I’ll keep you updated.

— 6 —

I follow Wendi Aarons on Instagram, and according to her it’s beautiful in Austin, Texas right now. Gorgeous bluebells blooming everywhere. Of course I wouldn’t know, since my eldest is not responding to my or Michael’s texts. I got a lovely response from his sweet wife, Catherine, and I’m sure I’d get a response from my grand-dog, Tabby if she had opposable thumbs. I follow her doggy daycare on Facebook in hopes of catching a glimpse of her. I’ve also seen tweets from Aaron, just not to me. So I assume he’s alive and well, but who really knows? #bitchymom

— 7 —

Everyone have a wonderful, happy Easter! It’ll just be me and Michael this year since John’s on his way to New York and Aaron and Catherine are in Austin. Maybe I’ll bake some dog treats, put them in eggs, and let Sam and Boss have an Easter Egg hunt! Or maybe we’ll just sleep in and watch Jesus Christ Superstar. ARGH! Previews of the empty nest to come!

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