Changing Sounds

grandfather-clockI miss the sounds of
footie pajamas on hardwood floors
my husband reading “The Night Kitchen”
little boy giggles
Guitar Hero
conversations overheard at sleepovers
two identical laughs at *cringe* Family Guy

I enjoy hearing
music from the studio
sticks on the practice pad
chimes from the grandfather clock
my son and daughter-in-law’s voices from Texas
big paws leaping onto the bed
laughter while my baby’s on the computer with friends

I look forward to hearing
my spine crack at the chiropractor’s
my youngest agreeing to meet me for lunch between classes
brush crackling as it burns in the fire pit
my granddaughter’s babbling
laughter with my husband
a college band warming up . . . again!

I used a couple of the prompts this week from Mama Kat’s Writers Workshop. Drop by every Tuesday for prompts and Thursday to share your post and read the others. It’s a sure-fire cure for writer’s block!!

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