Christmas (Part I) or “Christmas Goes to the Dogs”

Here in Kentucky we knew in advance we’d be getting a white Christmas.  The chance of snow Christmas Eve into Christmas Day was 100%.  So we did our travelling early.  We went to Lexington for a few hours early Christmas Eve, and I think my mom and step-dad were pretty happy with their gift, a canvas portrait of their dog, Winnie.  And if ever there was a diva dog that deserved a portrait Winnie is it!

The star of our Christmas celebrations, though, has been Boss, our new dog.  He’s a two-year-old Chesapeake Bay Retriever – Lab mix, a rescue dog we brought home a week before Christmas.

Boss snuggling with Aaron

He’s the most affectionate dog I’ve ever met, wants nothing more than to be loved.  Fortunately, he even worked his charm on Sam.

Boss on the left, Sam on the right

I think Boss was pretty thrilled to get a home for Christmas, and I know we were glad to add him to the family.  And next weekend he gets to meet the rest of the family, because our Christmas celebrations are only half over!

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3 thoughts on “Christmas (Part I) or “Christmas Goes to the Dogs””

  1. The dogs are beautiful, especially their eyes. And Winnie’s portrait is like a ray of sunshine–what a wonderful gift idea.

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