Christmas Shopping: Zero to Almost Done in One Day

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Yes, you read that correctly.  I went from not even having thought about or discussed Christmas gift-giving with any of my family to being nearly done in one day.  How?  Pinterest.  If everyone created Pinterest wish lists I’d have been done in about an hour.  Here is one of the items on Aaron, my twenty-one-year-old’s, Pinterest wish list.  It’s called Raspberry Pi:


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See how easy that makes shopping?  I did have to text him and make sure he wasn’t just kidding, though, when I started placing the order and they wanted to be paid in euros and said delivery could take months.  And I hit snags on Catherine, my soon-to-be-daughter-in-law’s list because she’d pinned Etsy items that were one-of-a-kind and had already been sold.  I have mad shopping skilz, though, so I made it all work.

— 3 —

I wrote a post about Comfort Zone stress-relieving pheromone diffusers for dogs, and I’ve been amazed at how many people really need this product.  Goodness knows I did, which was why I pretty much begged them to let me do a sponsored post.  But I’m been in touch with so many other people with stressed-out dogs and cats, many of them rescue animals, who are very excited about trying a product that could make their pets calmer.  Those are the sort of sponsored posts I really enjoy writing.

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John had Wednesday off from school, so I let him have a few friends over to play a new video game and eat junk food all afternoon.  Again, my kind of sponsored post.  It’s like fundraisers for school: Give me a product or service I really need at a reasonable price and I’m all over it!  Speaking of which, Share the Love is still going strong. Drop by and check out the fabulously talented people selling their wares and get some of your Christmas shopping done!

— 5 —

I need to be writing, but I can’t concentrate.  I am going to finish this book and get it entered in the Golden Heart contest, though, as God as my witness!

— 6 —

Thanks to everyone who has contacted me with emails, messages, prayers, and offers of help for my Aunt Beverly.  I even heard from people in her high school graduating class (fifty year reunion coming up!) which amazed me.  We got to visit her Thanksgiving, and she was in good spirits, but still very weak and fragile.

— 7 —

Thanksgiving was wonderful.  We spent it at Dad and Edie’s, and laughed at silly stories and ate delicious food and just in general enjoyed each others’ company, which is what it’s all about.  I am not a Black Friday shopper, so I have no intention of leaving my house tomorrow – maybe I’ll get some writing done after all!

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