Clean Dog Dirt Cheap ~ Penny Pinching Wednesday

“But I don’t want a bath!” Well, Sam, bathing you isn’t my favorite chore, either, but at least I’ve finally found a pet shampoo that I LOVE! I started searching when my sweet old dog, Millie’s health was declining and she wasn’t grooming herself the way she used to. Also, her bladder was showing its age and she tended to leak a bit. Add to that the fact that she’d always had very sensitive skin and multiple allergies, and I was in a bit of a pickle. I needed a shampoo that was gentle enough to use quite often (sometimes twice a week) without irritating or drying her skin. It also had to have some odor-control properties without containing perfumes, AND it needed to be reasonable priced since I was going to be buying a LOT of it. Needless to say, none of the pet shop stuff fit the bill, so I started researching and experimenting. Here’s the the fabulous result. Try it once and you’ll never buy pet shampoo again!

2 cups Ivory or Dove dish soap

2 cups water

2 cups apple cider vinegar

4 oz. liquid glycerin (Try the first aid section at your grocery or drugstore for the cheapest option, but you can always get it for a little more at a health food store.)

Mix gently, and it’s ready to use. I store mine in old Gatorade bottles, and you can cut the recipe in half if you have a small dog or don’t need to bathe them often.

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3 thoughts on “Clean Dog Dirt Cheap ~ Penny Pinching Wednesday”

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  2. How clever of you to figure that out. I can't imagine trying to give a dog a bath twice a week when I can't even get my 2 year old in the bath.
    Thanks for participating in my Penny Pinching Party, I always look forward to your thrifty tips.

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