Clues You Haven’t Adjusted to Having Your Child Away at College

I thought I’d adjusted pretty well to Aaron being away at college. I haven’t texted, emailed, or called him too many times per day. There’s been no crying since the day we dropped him off and I’ve kept the moping to a minimum. But Michael pointed out the other day that there are a few adjustments still to be made. Here are the clues that you, too, might need to do some adjusting:

  • There are four gallons of milk in my house. Evidently Aaron drinks a lot of milk, because we were ALWAYS out of milk, and both Michael and I would pick up a gallon whenever we were anywhere that sold milk. I have a gallon of milk in each fridge, and a gallon in each freezer.
  • There are four loaves of bread in my house. See above.
  • I no longer have to do laundry every other day. I can maybe do it twice a week and get by. But I keep hunting around for piles of dirty clothes and damp towels, because I’m so used to finding them.
  • Everyone is home and asleep by ten o’clock and even the dog thinks that’s weird.
  • I think the dog’s depressed. Of course she could just be sleepy. Perhaps I’m projecting.
  • I cook the same amount of food, and instead of feeding a family of four one meal it feeds a family of three two meals. WTH?
  • I haven’t said, “Pull your pants up!” in a month and I kind of miss the sight of his baggy jeans.

I hear I’ll be fully adjusted by Thanksgiving. Hmmm. I’ll keep you posted.

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3 thoughts on “Clues You Haven’t Adjusted to Having Your Child Away at College”

  1. Yes, the smaller amount of laundry is/was truly one bright spot in having a child away at college. I once told my daughter that, and she was shocked that I could find any bright spot at all in her being away….

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