College Classes I Wish I’d Taken


— 1 —

I got my Bachelor of Science on Nursing in four years, which was no mean feat considering the College changed its requirements after my Freshman year and I had to carry 18-21 hours per semester while working part-time during school and full-time in the Summer. Electives couldn’t just be “something I wanted to learn”. They had to either not require a textbook, not require attendance, or be something I already knew. Hence Military Science and Greek and Roman Mythology.

— 2 —

I really wanted to take an Architecture class. After earning a “B” in the one semester of high school Physics I endured I knew it wasn’t a good idea for the population in general for me to major in Architecture, but I wanted to know more about it. The closest I get is on HGTV.

— 3 —

Anthropology. That’s some fascinating information. I wonder if there’s someplace I could find slightly outdated Anthropology textbooks cheap? I’d stay up all night reading them! But I was going to college for the sole purpose of getting a dependable job, so Anthropology was out.

— 4 —

Comparative Religion. I soak up information about other religious beliefs, practices, and customs like a sponge. I guess that goes along with Anthropology, though. I just like learning about people and cultures. Actually, in this day and age I think this should be a mandatory requirement for graduation, no matter what your major.

— 5 —

Speaking of mandatory classes, why doesn’t everyone have to take a basic Marketing class? What is the first thing you do after you graduate? Market yourself. Whether it’s for a job or a graduate program. And then we market ourselves for the rest of our lives. You’re marketing and branding yourself constantly, with every interaction.

— 6 —

Art History is one I probably should have braved. I don’t have any real talent of my own, but I have a wannabe’s fascination with detail, so it probably wouldn’t have been too much of a challenge. In fact, it could have saved me the torture of Astronomy 101 and 102, each offered only right after lunch. Dark room + full tummy = nap time.

— 7 —

 Italian. A foreign language wasn’t required for a BS degree back then. Evidently it is now. I took Latin and French in high school, so I’d have probably have taken Latin if pushed, especially since my Latin teacher was a sadist and I still wake up conjugating verbs in my sleep. But knowing Italian would have given me a tiny bit more hope of my dream vacation in Italy. Don’t many colleges let senior citizens audit classes for free? Maybe someday I’ll be able to do that! First one? Creative Writing, of course!

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4 thoughts on “College Classes I Wish I’d Taken”

  1. I made my own major in Religious Studies so I did a class in the Anthropology of Religion… at one of the most hostile colleges in the country for Christians (UC Santa Cruz). There were four of us in the class who were practicing Christians and we had to defend ourselves and our faith EVERY. SINGLE. CLASS.

    One plus was that my then-fiancé (now husband) has an insane ability to talk to people from different faith backgrounds so he was randomly talking to one of the Rastafarians in the class and discovered that he was formerly Lutheran. Well goodness! My husband was a Lutheran seminarian doing a year long residency in chaplaincy! He and Rasta Boy had some great conversations and Rasta Boy started defending me in class.

    Interestingly enough, I’m looking at going back to school to become a respiratory therapist.

    1. Well that’s a change!! And I would be so terribly uncomfortable arguing about my spiritual beliefs. I love to hear and share in a peaceful atmosphere, but I’d probably never survive a real-life class. Religion, to me, is about Peace. So when anger gets mixed in I just can’t understand. Maybe I should try a correspondence course or something first. Online would probably be even more comfrontational!

  2. Your post has really got my thinking! I couldn’t agree more about the marketing class. I often wish I had one business class under my belt even though I work in schools! Now, I’m going to spend my afternoon dreaming of taking a floral class (my university just started offering one!)

    1. In my dream life I do floral arrangements. I put them here and there in the bookshop I work in on a tropical island, and I send them home with customers 🙂

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