College Move-In Day for Aaron

Thank you so much to everyone for the thoughts, prayers, hugs, advice, and tissues these last couple of weeks. Both my “In Real Life” friends and family and my friends on Twitter, Facebook, BlogFrog, and blogs in general have been so supportive. Because of all of you things went very smoothly Sunday. We loaded up my car and Aaron’s car

and hit the road. It was a two-hour trip, and on the spur of the moment we stopped halfway there and talked my mom into going with us. With this big a crew (me, Michael, Aaron, John, Catherine, and my mom) it only took two trips to get everything into the dorm, even though no one would let me carry anything since I’m still dealing with back/neck issues.
We got everything unpacked and put away in very short order. Here’s the bed: and the desk:
and the view from his window:
The only other furniture is a big armoire. No closet – communal bathroom down the hall. My mom thought it was hilarious that I folded his towels in thirds so they’d stack neatly in the milk crates and carefully placed all his toiletries in his shower caddy. She’s absolutely right – all that stuff was probably strewn all over the place within 24 hours. Since he’s lucky enough to have a great-aunt who’s a fabulous cook and food blogger, he moved in with a stockpile of homemade salsa and vegetable soup.
Here’s Michael looking a bit pensive. While I’ve been a wreck for weeks the reality didn’t really hit him until the night before the move.

After we finished we drove around the small but beautiful campus and stopped for pictures at the lake.

Sorry, Mom – in every single picture either your eyes are shut or you’re talking. Usually, you’re talking. Just sayin’.

We went out to lunch, and then we took Aaron back to the dorm. Of course I cried when it was time to leave, and since my mom was there I didn’t cry alone 🙂

He called us after orientation last night, and he’s responded to about half my texts today, which is OK. He is in the middle of Band Camp, after all. He’s trying for a spot on Morehead State University’s drum line, known as “The World’s Most Dangerous Drum Line”. Really. They have that phrase copyrighted and everything. He’s having a great time, and the rest of us are adjusting. Thank God I’ve got seven years before I have to do this with John!

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5 thoughts on “College Move-In Day for Aaron”

  1. Great pictures! It really is a beautiful campus. Your Mom is a riot, always has been. Yes she can talk. Can't wait for more Aaron stories.

  2. Congrats Mom, you made it through. My AirBear is gone too and guess what he did today? He called and said "Mom, I need more money for groceries". So, guess what mom is doing? Writing a check. haha. I'm so used to it. But, I miss that boy already. The good news is, they'll be back and probably with friends, so stock your freezer.

    I love the photos. The photo of your husband was very touching.

  3. I have read so many posts about moms sending their kids off to college this week. Every one brings me to tears. Time flies. I love the stuffed bear on the bed.

  4. I have read so many posts about moms sending their kids off to college this week. Every one brings me to tears. Time flies. I love the stuffed bear on the bed.

  5. I had to laugh, when I realized Catherine is taller than your mom!

    Micheal is wearing the shirt you bought him in Baltimore, no?

    Loved the teddy bear, and the shot of Aaron with his drums ….. by the way, you have an update to share!

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