Completely and Totally Random

— 1 —

Monday was truly the most horrific day. I couldn’t get out of bed. I couldn’t move my neck at all. Every joint in my body ached like I had the flu. My pain was so bad I was nauseated. I worried that maybe I was having some weird reaction to the yellow jacket sting I’d gotten the day before, especially since it has swollen up so much my entire calf was bright red, tight, and weeping. But no. As I discovered late that evening the problem had been that somehow, the night before, I’d gotten distracted while filling my pill-holder for the day and left out all my pain pills. Well, at least that answers the question (if anyone had one) of whether I really need pain medication around the clock.

— 2 —

 I was trying to watch TV to distract myself from the pain that day, and I kept seeing that commercial. I’m not sure if this is something they air nationally, so let me just say that it always involves a man or woman in jeans and boots walking alone through their fields while the lifestock gossip about how lonely that person is and how they should try Let me just tell you, some people enjoy their alone time and the first heifer that gossiped about my personal life would be providing prime rib for one the next day. Just sayin’

— 3 —

I was also having some issues keeping FB messages, text messages, and tweets straight that day. So if I sent you anything that made no sense on Monday please ignore it. I do know that I FB messaged a complete stranger something that was supposed to go to my husband. An inside joke about “Pinky and the Brain”. She hasn’t pressed charges . . . yet.

— 4 —

I’m really enjoying the whole Nerium party thing. They are usually held in a sports bar (because of the big TVs) so I can sit in a comfy booth and switch positions a lot, sometimes letting me stay for the whole presentation! The ones at people’s homes work well, too, particularly if I can nab a sofa spot and get up periodically to refill my tea glass and stretch. My own launch party is coming up on Tuesday, and if you’re a reader who lives in the Louisville area please email me for details – I’d love to have you there! So far I think it’s going to be a pretty fantastic crowd, and I’m very excited 😀

— 5 —

In between watching Nerium videos and listening to CDs I’ve been watching Californication. It’s new to Netflix and I’d never watched it because we’ve never had Showtime. I loved David Ducovny from the X-Files, and even though his character in Californication is someone I would despise in real life I really enjoy the show. It’s just so completely over-the-top.

— 6 —

I’m going to a baby shower this weekend, and with just one car (officially a one-car family for a full year this month) it’s hard to find time to shop. So I pulled into a handicapped slot in front of Babies R Us at about ten minutes til closing, waddled painfully in (had just come from a Nerium party – needed my bed) and told the first person I saw, “I need Sophie.” Thankfully, these people know their stuff, because the nice lady lead me straight to the special Sophie-the-Giraffe display. Sophie is famous. Obviously a good choice on my part, even though I did go off-registry. This is their first baby, though. I can’t fault them for not knowing Sophie is essential.

— 7 —

I’m going to try to get back into freezer-cooking mode. I need to hunt through all the recipes I’ve pinned and see what’s appropriate. A friend and I are going to get together to do it. We’ve done that once before and it makes it much more fun. Any suggestions for inexpensive meals that freeze well?

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