Confession: I’m Forty-Six and Don’t Wear Makeup – Help!

Yes, I know this is something I should have put on my to-do list a couple of decades ago, but it’s just never been a priority for me. I decided that this year I’m going to fritter away my Christmas money on something completely superficial: I want to start taking better care of my skin and I want to learn to properly apply makeup – makeup that I can wear every day as well as for special occasions. I do have a son getting married in less than five months and I’d like to look nice.

So, how do I go about this? Do I go somewhere and have them do my makeup, and if I don’t look like a drag queen I just buy the whole package? Or do you guys have suggestions for skin care regimes (oily skin) and makeup (olive complexion) and You Tube videos for how to apply it? I think I may need a skin care/makeup intervention.

Prepare yourselves, here’s the “before” picture. Help!


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16 thoughts on “Confession: I’m Forty-Six and Don’t Wear Makeup – Help!”

  1. Hmmm… I have some powder and eyeliner that my friend forced me to buy one time when we were out shopping, but I never remember to put any on. Lipstick ALWAYS makes me look like a hooker. Always. So… I have never worn makeup either and I have zero advice, but I will be following this closely to see if there are any tips I can use 🙂 I think sometimes those of us with glasses have a harder time of it, especially when it comes to eye makeup.

    1. Glasses really are an issue since sometimes they seem to magnify what you’ve done and sometimes hide it 🙁 I’m trying tinted chapstick instead of lipstick, but I’d really like to use lip liner properly.

  2. I also have oily skin and I love my bare minerals. It’s a little pricy, but it’s so worth it. They will do your makeup for free at the counter in the mall. It’s never made me break out or irritated my skin. If you want to, I’ll go with you!

  3. Well, as I haven’t stepped out of the door since I was 14 without some kind of slap on, I might be able to help. Firstly, you’re very pretty. HUGE eyes, lovely strong eyebrows (Don’t let anyone pluck them down to weird little strips. Tidy, yes. Deforest, no!) and a lovely mouth. That means you’re not going to have to do a lot of fancy disguising and sculpting. You’re already pretty and you just need the basic stuff.

    Do you have a friend whom you trust and who wears make-up in a way you like? That’s the first place to go. Access your inner teenager and go have some fun with her toys.

    Secondly, you can try the places that sell makeup and will give you a free make-up session. Obviously, they’re trying to sell their products, which is fair enough. Pick the girl who is wearing make-up you like. I haven’t done this very often, but I’m usually pleased with their choice of lipstick colour when I do.

    Skin care I’m not so helpful with. I’m very pale, and so sunscreen has been a must. I tend to break out, too (at 53, I’ve given up hoping I’ll grow out of it). If I had a way to prevent breakouts, I’d be selling it!

    Good luck and enjoy it!

  4. First, you ARE very pretty without make-up. So you don’t need a lot. Get an oil-free foundation and powder. I have allergies to almost everything smelly, so I use Cover-girl fragrance free liquid makeup, and then cover-girl shine-free, fragrance free makeup. They also sell these little paper thingys that you can buy to keep in your purse to press against your face to remove excess oil after you’ve put make up on.

    For skin care I use “simple.” It’s in green and white tubes and bottles, and I use the exfoliant and the moisturizer. Very light, very clean, fragrance and dye free.

    I can’t tell what color your eyes are…brown? If so, you’re totally lucky and can probably wear almost any eye color. With olive complexion, I would probably go with greens and browns, and peachier blush opposed to PINKer. You can buy eye shadow in one package of 3-4 shades, and most have instructions on how to put them on your lids. ALWAYS blend the colors with your ring finger after you apply.

    Eyeliner, if you choose to, I would use a dark chocolate brown, and dark brown mascara (waterproof, of course, especially for the wedding!) I use baby oil on cotton balls to take off my waterproof eye makeup…no need to buy $10 eye makeup remover.

    I would stay away from make up counters. They always end up making me look like a hoochy. For lips, I would just use a very light peachy color, or sheer lip shimmer or gloss. I would probably buy over the counter stuff, so that if something doesn’t work, you don’t have to break the bank to try something else.

    Good luck! Make sure you show more pictures!

  5. If you’re a makeup newbie, picking out your own stuff could be overwhelming. Prescriptives has a great service where they video chat with you, figure out your skin tones and what type of coverage you want – and then provide you with your perfect makeup. Warning: its pricy (about $65). But its insurance against having an orange face or looking washed out because you picked out the wrong makeup. Good luck! Can’t wait to see the after photo!

  6. I use Aveda tinted moisturizer. There is no make up feel. I don’t wear make up either. Just the tinted moisturizer when I think it would be nice to look a little better!

  7. I would simply forward you to the nearest Mary Kay representative! This is what I have used for almost 40 years!
    I think it is important to have a clean face at bedtime, followed by moisturizer. The glamour items need a well-taken care of base for them to do their best.:-)

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