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Roo at Nice Girl Notes is encouraging everyone to link up and share the contents of our purses. Why do I read people’s blogs? because I’m nosy. Do I want to see what these people carry in their purses? Hell, yeah! So, in the interest of fairness, here’s what’s in mine:

Huge wallet (bigger than many purses) with checkbook, cards, money, and change. It won’t zip closed – I’ve stopped trying. MP3 and earbuds (pink, they’re the only ones my kids don’t steal), Lidoderm patch (wonderful if you have back or neck pain – ask your doctor), Cinnamon Altoids (must have them constantly – no other flavor will do), a claw clip (for work) and a simple updo pin (for physical therapy), ibuprofen, iPhone (my Precious!), keys with 10 “frequent shopper” cards, small tape measure (essential for impromptu thrift store shopping), ID badge for work, emery board, chapstick (worn constantly, I also have one in my lab coat and one in my car), work pager (off), work cell phone (off), hairbrush, marker, dental floss, two thumb drives full of blogging stuff, and 3 lip-plumping lipsticks (almost never worn). It wasn’t that long ago that I always had a Hot Wheels car or two in my purse. It kind of makes me sad they’re not needed anymore.

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7 thoughts on “Contents of My Bag”

  1. I totally understand about the hot wheels.

    My 17 year old does not CARE that mine are pink…he uses them anyway.

  2. You've got an emery board—that's one thing I can never remember to stick in my purse, and I'm constantly needing one. I end up snagging my nail and then chewing it off because I can't file it down. TMI, Kim. You're welcome.

  3. Hi – thanks for sharing! I kinda miss the days of hot wheels cars (and beanie babies and miniature Bratz dolls) in my bag too.

    I really need to get a miniature measuring tape. I've seen several in bags today.

  4. What no jar of homemade preserves or apple butter in case you run into someone that you would like to give a little something to. I always care those. You just never know when you might need a special cut of meat from the butcher also.

    My purse would scare small childen.

  5. I thought, “This can’t be interesting” when I realized what you were talking about – the contents of your purse – I repent. I was wrong. Your writing style makes even this super funny and interesting!!

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