Could This Week Be Any More Random?

— 1 —

Last weekend I spent much longer than I expected at John’s Quick Recall match. Thankfully, I had packed plenty of pain pills, muscle relaxers, and some of those hand warmers hunters use. I’ve learned that I can wrap those in a thin scarp and position the scarf around my neck so it looks slightly more like a fashion accessory than a medical necessity. But I still ended up in bed all the next day making up for all that time sitting (my least comfortable position).

— 2 —

On the positive side, John’s school took second place and will advance to Regionals, which is further away. Hopefully they will have more comfortable seating, or maybe it will be unseasonably warm and I’ll be able to lie down in the back of my car. I’ve actually lain down in my car in cervical traction when I was still trying to work, so I’m not kidding about that option.

— 3 —

I met some interesting parents and grandparents while the kids were doing their written tests and between matches, and I’m looking forward to meeting with one mom in particular who has a marketing background and is looking to rejoin the workforce after fourteen years. I’d love to meet up and share my social media experience with her in exchange for her marketing knowledge 🙂

— 4 —

Critique group is going swimmingly, and I’m moving along slowly with my new novel.

— 5 —

I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time compiling references, transcripts, standardized test scores, and John’s essay for his application for his high school of choice. We didn’t have to do this much to get Aaron into college!

— 6 —

I have several doctor’s appointments coming up, the first of which is this morning, and I’m going to be adamant about these folks responding to my needs as a patient. My pain management appointment later this month will be my fourth at this particular office and I have yet to meet a doctor. I am not pleased. Someone had better come up with a game plan, and they’d better come up with it now.

— 7 —

On a more fun note, I spent yesterday having a “girl day” with my friend and step-mom, Edie. She drove in from Lexington, and we went to lunch, I got my makeup done by the Bobbi Brown girl at Macy’s and loved it, we had a surreal and hysterical encounter with the Dead Sea Salt Skin Care kiosk girl, and then we scoured the racks at my favorite consignment store until Edie finally agreed to buy the cutest pair of shoes ever made for $7. They are one of those bargains you remember forever. There was a navy blue linen scoop-neck dress I bought at a thrift shop for $5 in 1985 I still recall very fondly.

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One thought on “Could This Week Be Any More Random?”

  1. If everyone could have a day filled with as much fun and laughter that I had yesterday with you, there would be no need for therapists! Ready to do it again….SOON! Oh, and I LOVE my new shoes! 🙂

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