Countdown to State Finals, Halloween, and NaNoWriMo

— 1 —

So, my Internal Medicine doctor, whom I’ve been seeing for twenty years, is retiring at the end of the year.  Yeah, the awesome doctor that on my most recent visit agreed to take over all my care, so I don’t have to deal with neurosurgeon the pain management guy.  Hmm.  I suspect he’s retiring because of the Affordable Care Act – I’ll find out next week.  A friend recommended a doctor, and I’ve requested an appointment online for January.  Fingers crossed she’ll be willing to continue my treatment plan.

— 2 —

I thought at fourteen John would be over the whole Halloween costume thing, but no.  He’s been invited to two events already.  He initially wanted to be the villain from V for Vendetta, but I was thankfully able to talk him out of that since even with excellent luck at Goodwill I’d be spending a fortune.  Plan B is some character from a video game, for which he needed a letter jacket and an animal mask. One $5 trip to the Goodwill a mile from my house and a $15 super-cool chicken mask from Amazon later we’re all set.  A few days after Halloween is Homecoming, so if anyone out there knows what is the current fashionable floral selection (wrist corsage, hand-held flowers) please clue me in.  One of the problems of having kids seven years apart is that styles change quickly!

— 3 —

Before Halloween or Homecoming, though, we have State Finals this weekend for John’s marching band.  Happily, it’s here in Louisville, so I’ll be able to go.  Competition will be fierce, and I’m really just hoping they make it through the Prelims – there are some amazing hish school marching bands in Kentucky!

— 4 —

John and I finally watched the final episode of Breaking Bad.  We started watching the series on Netflix over the summer, but couldn’t get caught up fast enough to watch this season when it aired, so we DVRd it.  We’re both missing it – shouting out elements from the periodic table at the beginning, theorizing what would have happened if a different decision would have been made at some point, but never losing sight of the theme of “the end does not justify the means” that ran subtly throughout each season.  Great show!  I don’t know what we’ll find to replace it – Sleepy Hollow and Face Off just aren’t enough.

— 5 —

My mom’s Yorkie, Winnie, is here for a visit, which brings my dog count up to three but the volume to eleven when everyone gets riled up (i.e. when the mail is delivered).  It’s fun to have a dog I can pick up, take for walks, and take to band practice, though.  I miss being able to do that with my big dogs.  I suspect if I tried it these days my head would probably snap right off my neck the first time one of them lunged for a squirrel 🙁

— 6 —

Things are going well with the chiropractor.  This is the first time since 2010 that I’ve felt any significant difference in the pain.  I just hope I can maintain this trend after my six weeks of three-times-a-week visits is over.  I just wish I’d gone to this guy before my second surgery.  I’d probably still be working, and would likely have had three less surgeries and be on significantly fewer meds.  Oh, well.  The best I can do is encourage anyone else having back or neck pain to try all their options before having surgery – even the ones that sound a little crazy and aren’t covered by insurance.

— 7 —

I’ve been a slacker blogger lately, but with NaNo coming up writing blog posts may feel like a welcome reprieve from working on my novel, so maybe you’ll be hearing from me a bit more often in the weeks to come 🙂

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25. October 2013 by Angie
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  1. Ohh! And thanks to you, (meaning this is all your fault) I’m doing NaNoWriMo, this year, too! Hooray! And of course 14 isn’t too old for Halloween! I spent all day dressed as Wednesday Addams!

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