Counting My Blessings

— 1 —

Today would have been my Aunt Beverly’s birthday.  She was always good about reminding me when I was being a whiner to count my blessings, so that’s what I’m doing today.

— 2 —

It’s not only Beverly’s birthday, it’s also my niece Ashley’s birthday.  I have so many wonderful nieces and nephews to be proud of!  Ashley graduated from college a few months ago, and I know her talent and hard work will take her far.  My eldest niece, Lauren, will graduate from college in just a few weeks.  She’s getting a promotion at work the same day, which also happens to be her father’s birthday!  How’s that for an awesome birthday present?  The youngest of my nieces, Alyssa, just started her Freshman year at college, where I know she’ll excel 🙂

— 3 —

My own husband and children are a huge blessing.  Aaron and Catherine have turned their college apartment into a gorgeous home, and will soon finish their degrees and start their exciting new life.  John is thriving in his Freshman year of high school, academically and socially.

— 4 —

I have wonderful, supportive friends and family without whom I couldn’t make it through most days, and tonight I get to celebrate my good friend Lisa’s daughter’s wedding – I have my waterproof mascara and handkerchiefs ready 😉

— 5 —

Not to switch too quickly from the massive to the mundane, but I’ve eaten three tomato sandwiches already today.  There is nothing so wonderful as the taste of a home-grown tomato.  I’m planning on taking some of these to my writers’ group meeting to share (if they last until tomorrow morning!)


— 6 —

Dogs.  When my dogs act like idiots, bark at the mail carrier, jump on visitors, or throw up on the bed (last night) I get frustrated, but the comfort of cuddling with a big dog is such a visceral pleasure.  I can just feel the stress leaving my body as I rub their silky ears.  This beauty isn’t even mine – I’m just borrowing her for a few days, hoping her good behavior will influence my dogs (fat chance).


— 7 —

The nearly endless options for Mass within ten minutes of my house.  Michael’s transmission is shot, so we’re down to one car for a while and I can’t hit my favorite Friday noon Mass, but there are plenty over the weekend that I can attend.  One of the great things about being Catholic – well, that and having a beer with your pastor 😉

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One thought on “Counting My Blessings”

  1. I think I have read this post 4 or 5 times now and every time I smile when I think of each time Beverly put a time limit on me hosting a pity party. At the time I wanted to swat her, but it only took a little while to realize that she was dead on. Having a pity party needs a time limit. She was the one who could have had pity parties and very seldom did I hear her complain. Even when she became very ill she made me promise to kick her a** if I saw her become self consumed or hosted a pity party for herself. She really counted her blessings everyday and we all could use some blessing counting to realize all we have. Thank you Angie for reminding me, as I don’t have Beverly to do this for me now. Missing her and always celebrating her life!!

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