Crisco, Skechers, True Blood, and Smurfs

1.) I am Southern.  Thus, I have Crisco in my pantry and bacon grease in my fridge and I’m not afraid to use them.

2.) I say “Bless your heart” fairly often.  It means one of two things.  Either I am feeling great compassion for your situation and want to wish you strength and fortitude . . . or I think you’re a dumbass.

3.) I am wearing those Skechers with the convex sole that are supposed to give you a really cute butt.  Will this work if I wear them while I sit and play on Twitter and Pinterest?  Sigh.  I thought not.

4.) I can’t seem to get anything done anymore.  I can’t multi-task, and that makes it seem like I’m doing nothing.  How do people who can’t multi-task live like this?

5.) True Blood is frustrating.  Just like last season, there are too many plot lines and they switch between them too quickly.  If it weren’t for the fact that I love the characters and that Alcide is ridiculously hot I wouldn’t even watch.

6.) Those teensy little fries they include with Happy Meals now are insulting.  Seriously, it’s like five fries.  The Smurf toys, on the other hand, are pretty stinkin’ cute.  I’m still trying to get Brainy.  What?  What do you mean they’re out of Smurfs?!

7.) I’ve had it with the outright laziness of some members of this family.  It’s time for the dogs to learn to do household chores.  And I don’t just mean pre-wash the dishes before we load the dishwasher, either.


It’s time for another Seven Quick Takes Friday, hosted by Conversion Diary.  What’s on your mind today?

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6 thoughts on “Crisco, Skechers, True Blood, and Smurfs”

    1. That’s so funny! I’ve been considering doing one of those “accent” vlogs – have you seen them? There are certain words you have to pronounce and specific questions to answer. I’ve never thought I had much of an accent, but when I went to Baltimore for a blog conference everyone had a fit over my “Southern accent”. I suppose it’s all relative 😉

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