Culling the Herd

I’ve been unfollowing people people on FB for some time who only post political posts. If I wanted to follow politicians I’d do so and get it from the horse’s Social Media flunky’s mouth.

I’ve also been unfollowing people on Instagram who only post selfies or worse, post fashionista pics of their pre-school girls in heels with designer purses, sunglasses, and outfits. All with full makeup and hair, of course.   Lately it’s been Twitter people I don’t really know and companies I don’t care about.

But today someone I’ve always followed on all the Social Media forums (Wendi Aarons) took a stab at Melania Trump’s philanthropic focus as FLOTUS. They each have one and I suspect it’s required. Melania is anti-bullying. Maybe Wendi thought she was being funny. She is, after all, an award-winning humorist, a paid professor for a class called How to Write Funny, and the author of a book with the same title. I don’t find this funny.

As a victim of bullying myself and a parent of a victim I think this is a worthy and timely focus. Pre-teens are committing suicide or sneaking in guns to kill students and teachers! YES, it’s important. NO, it’s not a topic for jokes. Clearly neither this woman nor her children have never been a victim. Nor has she been an educator who had to deal with parents and administrators about this serious issue.

I took the time I’d have used to edit my novel today to make sure I’d unfollowed her on every Social Media outlet, then to write this post. I don’t care what Wendi thinks about politicians or their views, but I am VERY MUCH in favor of someone in the national spotlight taking a stand against bullying. If you are anti-bullying you’ll follow my lead and unfollow her immediately to let her know we are not ‘trolls’, but people who want to take a stance against bullying. #prokid #prohappiness

She’s on FaceBook (two sites), Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. She also has a blog and contributes posts on fashion regularly to a popular online site. You’ll have to trouble finding her if you’re interested in making sure you don’t follow her or support her sponsors. It was certainly worth my time and effort.


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