Derby Day at 9:30 a.m.

The Derby is the eleventh race today, so there are a lot of decisions to be made between now and then. At this point I’m leaning toward Devil May Care for two reasons: The jockey’s silks are green and gold, and those were the school colors of my high school (Go, Defenders!). Also, the phrase “devil may care” always makes me think of Scarlet O’Hara, which makes me smile. See, and you thought I was going to go all scientific on you and start talking about dosage index and that sort of thing – HA! Here are my picks for the first five races, all for equally scientific reasons:

First Race: Nothing speaks to me, gonna skip this one.

Second Race: Henceforth ~ Don’t you just love that name? It makes me feel all intellectual and academic to even say it. For example, if I’m smart today after my second or third cocktail I will say, “Henceforth I will be drinking sweet tea.”

Third Race: Again, gonna skip it. Really, if you’re paying this much for a horse, give it a clever name!

Fourth Race: Bravo Whiskey ~ B. W., which makes me think of B-Dub’s where my eldest has gone most Tuesday nights to meet his buddies for wings since he was in middle school and had to ride his bike or be dropped off.

Fifth Race: There are a lot of good names in this race, but I think Rogue Victory may take it because they jockey’s wearing coral, and guess what color my toenails are today? It’s just meant to be.

Come on, share your picks – you know you want to!! If you don’t have a program handy go to Twin Spires and take a peek.

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