Don’t Forget Small Business Saturday!

small business saturday
It’s been years since I’ve engaged in the Black Friday insanity. I don’t like crowds, I can’t stand in long lines,  and I’d much rather order online and have gifts shipped to my house. If they don’t have free shipping I choose in-store pickup, which is typically fast and easy. This year I’m making several of my Christmas gifts – hopefully I’ll have everything done in time!

But the few things I will go out and buy, and many things that I purchase online, will be from small businesses.  When my sons were younger I’d bypass ToysRUs for a small neighborhood store called Playthings. Their entire inventory was carefully selected to be long-lasting and encourage imaginative play. Last weekend I went to a holiday bazaar and met men and women who’d made the most beautiful up-cycled hats and neckwarmers, personalized ornaments, and gorgeous jewelry. Several years ago a friend of mine made scented candles in mason jars and sold out of them as fast as she could make them! Etsy is home to many small business owners, and every single thing I’ve purchased through them has been magnificent!

This year Michael and I have our own small business, sharing Nerium anti-aging skin care products. If I didn’t already have a head-to-toe supply coming every month it would absolutely be something I’d put on my Christmas list.

If there are readers on your list let me recommend a few independently published local authors:
Lisa Tapp (young adult)
Leslie Lynch (contemporary)
Mysti Parker (humor and children’s)
Joan Kayse (historical)
There are many more, but that should get you started!

I’ll be buying myself a gift of aromatherapy from doTERRA, since the pain relief from one dose of their products gave me immediate pain relief that lasted for hours. MakeUpBeGone has chemical-free makeup remover cloths that will save your eyelashes, washcloths, and pillowcases. How many people do you know who sell Thirty-One merchandise, Pampered Chef must-haves, or lovely silver jewelry or candles? Remember those people this Saturday. You’ll be buying a wonderful gift and helping people in your community.

When you buy something from a small business this season encourage others to do the same: Post about it on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter using the hashtag #shopsmall. And when you do order online please place your order through an affiliate link (like the Amazon link on my sidebar). It won’t cost you any more, but the bloggers who have taken time to recommend products from those companies will get a small percentage of all sales through their links.

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