Dorm Sheets and Carjackings

I’ve started shopping for Aaron’s first year of college next year. Laundry hamper, clothes hangers, sheets, towels, that sort of thing. Do you know how hard it is to find those special Twin XL sheets that fit the dorm beds? Maybe it’s because I’m picky about sheets. I want a high thread count (at least 300) and I want a reasonable selection of colors (not just hot pink or neon green). I finally found what I was looking for at , so when they offered to send me a product to review the timing couldn’t have been better. I selected the Luxor Treasures 300 thread count, deep pocket, 100% Egyptian cotton Twin XL sheets in a gold stripe. (His college colors are gold and navy). I’m extremely pleased. Even before washing it was obviously these sheets were soft and substantial. After washing they are just irresistible. I may have to find him a louder alarm clock. The edges are nicely finished, so I expect they will hold up well in the wash (although I have to wonder how often he will actually wash them).

It’s such a shame Aaron won’t be able to use these sheets in the dorm this Fall. I’ve decided to homeschool him for college. I don’t want to let him out of my sight. Here’s why: This afternoon he was picking up a few things in Target, and when he got back to his car and was about to pull out of the parking space a huge woman came up and started talking to him, asking him for money, asking for a ride, and then jumped in the passenger seat of his car. She was loud and pushy and acting irrationally, and since she outweighed my son by about 200 pounds, he did as she asked. He drove to an ATM, withdrew money ($20), gave it to her, and dropped her at the front entrance of a nearby store. He felt pretty good about himself, thankful he hadn’t been stabbed or shot and that his car was still in his possession. He’s an optimist. I was all, “Have you called the police?! You’ve been carjacked! Have you called the bank?! She could be out there using your debit card right now!” So we spent a good chunk of this afternoon talking to the police and the bank, and got some excellent advice from a thoughtful police officer. She said that teens in nice neighborhoods who “look like good kids” are often targets. Criminals assume these kids have been taught to be thoughtful and polite, to respect their elders, etc. She suggested we role play what Aaron should have said to this strange woman who approached him demanding money and transportation. I’ll certainly be doing some role-playing with my eleven-year-old this evening as well. I, personally, do not need to role-play this one. If I run into this woman in the Target parking lot I assure you I will channel my inner redneck and open up a can of whup-ass on her.

*disclaimer: This sheets set was sent to me free of charge from CSN Stores in exchange for a teaser post and review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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5 thoughts on “Dorm Sheets and Carjackings”

  1. There was just an incident here in Jacksonville Fl where a mother and her 7 yr old daughter were carjacked by a woman from the Target parking lot. The lady took them to a bank, and then had the lady drop her off. She took the battery out of the ladies cell phone and the keys to the car. They did call the police and a few days later returned to the same parking area and saw the lady. The police arrested her and she had gloves and a gun in her purse ready to do it again. I am glad your son was okay!!!

  2. Oh wow. We're teaching our son to drive. This will definitely be added as a lesson. I'm so glad your son is ok!

  3. It's such a delicate balance: teaching my kids to be respectful and obedient, yet staying independent and assertive.

    I talk a lot to my 10- and 12- year-old daughters about trusting their instincts and not ignoring their inner voices. Since they were very young, I have made them interact with adults (paying cashiers, shaking hands, asking questions, etc) so that they feel comfortable in a one-on-one situation with a grown-up. They are definitely not the shy type who get tongue-tied if an adult comes up to them.

    We talk about potential situations that might feel weird and how they should respond. They've also seen me handling confrontation with others, and know that it's okay to say NO. I like the idea of role playing and will have to try that.

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