Easter Dog Biscuit Hunt

Everyone else has an Easter Egg Hunt, so I had to be differnt. We had an Easter Dog Biscuit Hunt. This is my first try with Whrrl, so be patient with me!

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5 thoughts on “Easter Dog Biscuit Hunt”

  1. Those aren't all YOUR dogs, are they?? It looks like you invited friends and families, along with their dogs!

    What a fun idea to have a dog biscuit hunt!

  2. This was way too much fun. We really should mention that Taffy, the 4 pound Poodle won by finding and eating 4 bones. What a great day. Thanks!

  3. Just found your site over on Theta Mom and love the photos! My dog wasn't allowed to help with the egg hunt, but she did help pull weeds this afternoon! Maybe next year we should do this for her, I think it would be a lot tastier than weeds!

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