Easter Eggs for Bookworms

Ever since I made this big canvas creation for my dining room I get twitchy if I don’t do something with Mod Podge at least once a month.  I think they put something addictive in that formula.  Anyway, I was looking for the huge plastic Easter eggs I bought last year and paid too much for because I told myself I could use them over and over again.  Yeah, well, that would work if  I could find them every year come Easter time, which obviously isn’t happening.  But while I was digging around in my basement I did find some regular size plastic Easter eggs, dusty and mis-matched, but Easter eggs, nonetheless.  I pulled out the old paperback book I used pages from to make this necklace and tore into it.  I tore each page into about a dozen pieces, but even smaller would have been better.  Then I smeared the eggs with Mod Podge (yes, of course I washed them first) and started covering them with random strips of book pages.  I started out with a foam brush, but about two minutes in I gave that up and just smeared everything together with my hands.  I think they look pretty nifty.  I didn’t spray mine with a sealer, but you could do that, or use a glitter spray, or even a brownish glaze to make them look older.  And I will find those huge Easter eggs, but it’ll probably be sometime close to Halloween.

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