Eight Things I’m Looking Forward to (Dreading) in August

Linking up with Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop this Thursday because by then I’ll be an empty-nester! Even the dogs are stressed.

— 1 —

My baby boy moves into his Freshman dorm this week. I’ve spent the past year building a Pinterest board to make his transition to college perfect. Bluebirds should fly through his window to light on his arms and bunnies should gather at his feet as he recites the Periodic Table.  He’s not on Pinterest, and is not interested in 95% of my college-related suggestions. In fact, he taunts me, as if since he’s eighteen and a high-school graduate he can do anything he wants to.

— 2 —

SO not gonna happen. We’d hoped to get a suite-style room (two guys to a room, four guys share/CLEAN the bathroom in between. Instead, he’s got a large communal bathroom. That’s what I had as a Freshman too. I can’t imagine the filth four male Freshman could inflict on one bathroom.  The cleaning crew probably wears Haz-Mat suits. But he gets AC (thank God). Is it really global warming or are we just wimps? There were only TWO dorms on campus that had AC my Freshman year, and they were at the far end of campus and so tall everyone had to factor in elevator-wait time to get to class.

— 3 —

He has a class schedule, but has yet to show it to me. I love scheduling classes. I carried 18-21 credit hours a semester without ever missing Peak Tanning Hours on at least Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. For four years. One would think this Freshman (who already knows he has to go to Drop/Add because of his AP test scores) would ask his mother’s advice. But alas, no. With his work study job I’ll just have to ask when he’s available for dinner.

— 4 —

Ah, dinner. As in dates. I sincerely hope those are forthcoming. He’s been much more a “hang out with friends” sort of person during high school, which is great. His friends are a very diverse group, and there have been many overnight events at my house. My dogs are EXCELLENT chaperones if Michael and I are asleep. If there is so much as a lingering hug in this house a large snout separates them. Seriously.

— 5 —

My house is a wreck and I can’t find anything. . . except John’s dorm stuff. I’ve made lists, checked sales, ordered online, ordered and picked up in-store, and even ordered from overseas when I couldn’t find just the right thing. John says he knows what he’s taking, but in less than 72 hours he’ll be moved in. How ready can he really be?

— 6 —

I was a little hurt when he said he didn’t want me to put anything away, or even make his bed for him. Aaron, his older brother, let me do all that. But John’s more like me. This is his first place (no roommate yet) and he wants to make it completely his own. I DO understand that. So perhaps I’ll make some breakfast muffins and meet his dorm neighbors and their families.

— 7 —

He can’t have “air-breathing pets”, so I was thinking about a Beta fish with one of those plants in the top of the bowl/vase you see at doctors’ offices. I’ve never really done the fish thing, and I’m not great with houseplants. Anyone have experience in this area?

— 8 —

Once he’s moved in I will have to put all the details out of my mind. He’ll be the one getting emails from teachers, he’ll be the one making sure he eats healthy and gets enough sleep. I’m going to write, tidy up the house, and let everyone know how awesome the newest Nerium products are. And yes, I will demand responses to my texts within a reasonable amount of time of I’ll have a seat under a tree near his dorm and read a book.

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12 thoughts on “Eight Things I’m Looking Forward to (Dreading) in August”

  1. Aww. I can’t imagine! I have a few years until then…

    I had the War and Peace (fighting fish and Peace lily) centerpieces for my wedding reception! People got to take them home. Just need to keep the water fresh and don’t overfeed the fish.

    1. Kerri – how do you always know what I’m thinking?? I was at one of my many doc appts yesterday and they had the fish and the plant. I kept staring at the plant, because I KNEW those leaves looked familiar, but I refused to ask what it was. That’s a BRILLIANT idea for a wedding reception centerpiece, BTW!! Then when I read your comment it was total face-plant. I was hiding behind Peace Lilies at my grandmother’s funeral home viewing to keep my feisty mom from introducing me to strangers who knew me and were probably related to me. Do you buy those at the pet store or the plant store? I want to take him one so I can SEE his room. Lots of young men helped me carry his stuff up to the fourth floor (NO ELEVATOR) until I fell UP the stairs and they made me sit in the lobby and eat pizza. Once John got back from parking his car all his stuff was up there, so he just hugged me (forgot to hug Michael!!) and ran off with his key to set up his room.

      1. As far as I know (and what we did), you kind of piece it together. Find a vase you like, get the Beta from a pet store, and the peace lily from a nursery or somewhere they sell decent plants. Knock all the dirt off before you put it in the case or you’ll have mud!

        You’ll probably want the case with you when you shop for the plant so you get a good fit. Make sure you take pictures!!!

  2. Thankfully I haven’t had to deal with this yet. My oldest is doing college from home so she can be debt free, the next in line is nearly 18 and is a senior this year. It occurred to me as this morning as I made airline reservations for an event he’s going to in October that I didn’t have to click the little under 18 box. I nearly shed tears over that one but managed to hold myself together. He’s still trying to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up, and we’re good with that. He’s got plenty of time. Got a couple more years before the next one’s ready…
    I know it will be bittersweet. Exciting to see what is next for them, but hating the fact that they’re grown up too.

    1. I kind of hate the fact that our kids have to decide when they are 18. In Europe everyone is expected to take a year off and travel, try new things. Some countries mandate a year of military service to learn discipline. Some religions require a year of missionary service. My son had a scholarship that couldn’t wait, so he’s in college. But looking back I wish I’d had that year, maybe doing a year online from wherever I was, to mature and make up my mind. Thankfully, I loved Nursing (the career, not college) and was happy doing it full-time for twenty years!

    2. BTW, how does doing college from home work? Not that I’m planning to put a shock-collar on my son so he can’t leave the house (it would scare the dogs) but I would LOVE to take some of the courses I never had time for while getting my Bachelor’s in Nursing. Anthropology, comparative religions, art history. . . we should NEVER stop learning!

      1. No shock collars necessary. This was her choice. She comes and goes as she pleases. She’s considerate and lets us know where she is going and when she’ll be home. Momma (and Dad) both appreciate it, Momma doesn’t worry that the big bad wolf has absconded with her darling and Dad doesn’t worry about Momma, hahaha.

        Daughter is enrolled in Liberty University’s online program. Like in person classes, they have a specific class time, some classes she must be present during that time, others she can watch later. It depends on the class. She must be present for tests. Assignments are emailed for grading. There are study groups etc. She also has a liaison on campus that will assist her if needed–if she has questions about a class or needs clarification. It works quite well for her because it is reasonably priced and flexible.

        Totally agree. Never stop learning. My 42-year-old husband comes home daily with new things he’s learned, and the rest of us learn from him. I love it!

  3. Ha, this was fun… and memorable. My older two are finished with college, but I remember those move-in-as-freshmen days. They each lived in 4-guys with one bathroom suites. I don’t even want to know what the bathroom was like!

    1. YIKES! I know. I NEVER visited my eldest son’s suite. One of the guys forgot to take his fish home for Christmas break. I hear that was an unpleasant smell to come back to. *barf*

  4. You just had to go and raise a strong, independent, self assured young man now didn’t you. Some good that did you now that you can’t Pinterest-ify his college dorm! 😉

    I am SO not ready for that phase of life!!

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