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Mary at The Mommyologist has had another fabulous idea! This week she’s hosting “Embrace Your Body” as part of her Mom Sexy movement. She’s encouraging women to share pictures or videos of the things they LIKE about their bodies instead of focusing on the things they DON’T like (which is what we all usually do, myself included). I have been visiting and commenting on all the participants’ posts since I think this is wonderful idea, but I had no intention of doing a post myself. Then, last night, my friend Kim inspired me. She has a way of doing that. Here are my pictures, and then I’ll explain the backstory. (Please excuse the slightly blurry pics – it’s so freakin’ hot and humid here I can’t get my camera lens to unfog. The rest of the pics I take today will be INDOORS.)

These are my feet. I actually consider them my best feature. I take excellent care of them because they are also my livelihood. I am a nurse, and if I can’t walk I can’t work. They carry me through my day without complaint. They have run races and chased toddlers. They have paced the floor worrying. They love to walk on the beach, and I hope to get them there again soon.

These are my hands. I do like them. They can’t draw or play the piano, but they can cook, they can write, and they can give comfort. You’ll find them most often tapping on a keyboard or rubbing a furry belly.
These are my eyes. I like them because they’re expressive. I couldn’t lie if I wanted to because my eyes evidently always tell their own story. Especially lately when friends and family ask, “How are you?” And I answer, “Fine, thanks.” To which they reply, “No, you’re not. I can see it in your eyes!” My eyes have recently required me to get my first pair of bifocals, but I still love them. They let me read, which is something I do CONSTANTLY. They show me my beautiful family and friends and the spectacular offerings of nature in Kentucky. And they let me Tweet, which I love, love, love!

Why did I choose my feet, hands, and eyes? Probably not for the reason you expect. My friend Kim was diagnosed earlier this summer with Oposoclonus Myoclonus Ataxia Syndrome (OMA/OMS). One day she was running several miles like she does routinely, the next day she couldn’t walk. Very quickly she couldn’t see and couldn’t move at all without violent tremors. Her hands, feet, and eyes were no longer her own to control. She’s fighting back, and has made amazing progress already. Within hours of getting her diagnosis Kim decided she wanted to start a blog about OMA/OMS to help other patients with this rare disorder and their families. She had never blogged before, had rarely even READ a blog. But she did it, and has actually typed her last two posts completely on her own. This syndrome affects only ONE IN TEN MILLION people, and a vast majority of those are young children. It is often misdiagnosed, which is particularly tragic since early diagnosis and treatment are essential to an optimal recovery. Please take a look at her blog and share it so that hopefully we can raise awareness of this disease and help patients be diagnosed and treated more quickly.

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13 thoughts on “Embrace Your Body”

  1. Wow, you are lovely. Eyes are such a window to the heart, and your feet are powerful and pretty indeed.

    Sending support to your friend!

  2. To bad you couldn't take a picture of your heart, you have the most beautiful heart of anyone I know. Not that there is anything wrong with our feet, hands and eyes they are beautiful also.

    I have loved reading Kim's last two post she really is doing amazing.

  3. Love the idea of focusing on the positive – it's something I need to do more of. Thanks for this reminder! Hands and feet. I agree with you. I don't care what they look like, they're special. And I so admire that you're a nurse! Which makes them even more special.
    Sending thoughts to your friend. Sounds like she's a real trooper.

  4. You are beautiful. And your eyes are definitely really expressive. Thanks for such a wonderful "awakening" message added into your post. It's amazing what I take for granted :o\

  5. Angie – This was SUCH a beautiful post!! I will check out Kim's blog for sure. I have never heard of that condition before but I am sure it is just devastating. It reminds me not to take what I have for granted, and especially not my body.

    I think that you are absolutely gorgeous, inside and out! I hope I get to see you in person again sometime at a Boot Camp or something!

  6. What a great reminder that my body isn't so bad after all—old and battered, but healthy and working just fine. God bless your friend and strengthen her during this horrible battle she's in.

  7. How sweet is this? I agree with Bev as well — your heart is what makes you, YOU!

    Thanks for being on the A list!

  8. What a great reason to link up to this. I will definitely go visit your friend's blog.

    I love the reasons you gave for each part of you that you are loving. Each of those things are precious gifts and blessings.

    Hope your cute toes make it back to the beach soon!

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