End Your Week With Happy Kids!

— 1 —

My thirty-year high school reunion was this past weekend.  I didn’t go, but I was totally stalking the whole thing on Facebook. Everyone looked wonderful, and it sounded like they all had a great time.  But Michael was working, and I just couldn’t take my high-school BFF up on her offer of being my transport. It’s an eighty mile trip each way, and she’s a busy teacher with a lot going on in her life. To be completely honest, I was a little afraid to go. My memory just isn’t anything close to what it used to be. I don’t know if it’s the pain, the meds, the stress, or some combination of them all, but I have huge gaps in my memory. Even with nametags on I’d think – “I know him. We were in homeroom together.” Then I’d realize that wasn’t possible because homerooms were alphabetical. And some names brought no memories. I can honestly say I knew nearly every single person in our graduating class of six hundred . . . but I can’t remember the teachers, the classes, the funny stories – it’s all just gone. And that horrifies me, because I loved high school. Also, how would I answer when people asked, “What are you up to?” I mean, I don’t want to lie, but an honest response would kinda put a damper on the party mood, ya know? Talk of disability, suicide attempts, looming foreclosure, etc is a downer at parties.

— 2 —

 John and I were able to catch up on the episodes of Doctor Who we’d missed in time to watch the finale together on Saturday. It was a fabulous way to celebrate the end of Marching Season and a break for us all. I wish there were more shows Michael and I enjoyed watching together, but John and I have a whole list: Walking Dead and Talking Dead are our favorites, but Doctor Who and Face Off are a ton of fun as well.

— 3 —

In fact, SPOILER ALERT we were debating how long Eugene would last with the group now that he’s admitted he has no “secret cure”. Then there he was on Talking Dead afterwards, mullet still intact, so obviously he last quite a bit longer on the show. BTW, is there anyone else who finds the post-Apocalypse Beth more appealing than the actress herself? For some reason she annoys me.

— 4 —

I did host my first Nerium Twitter Party on Tuesday as planned. It wasn’t a big crowd, and I still ran over a bit, so I’m going to have to edit it down before I do it again. There are just so many important facts to share about Nerium, and so many fantastic pictures! Editing my Facebook and Twitter Parties for Nerium is harder than editing a manuscript.

— 5 —

Speaking of manuscripts, I’ve been a NaNoWriMo slacker this week. I could make all sorts of excuses, but what it comes down to is I just plain didn’t do it. Right now finances are more important, so Nerium comes first. Someday I will make money from my writing, but with Nerium I get paid every week. So that’s where my time and energy is going. Here’s my Nerium website if you have no idea what I’m talking about. It truly can make huge changes in the way you look and the money in your bank account!

— 6 —

John turned sixteen on Wednesday! Unlike his older brother, he’s in no hurry to get his permit.  He thinks things through very thoroughly, and is appropriately cautious about the responsibilities driving will entail. Of course there’s also the issue of the sole car in the family being a massive tank that simply can’t be parallel parked. That’s going to have to be rectified before he can take his actual driving test!

— 7 —

Last night I got to spend some time with the Kennedy Kaboodle for the first time in a LONG time! Even though Maeve slept through my entire visit I filled up on baby cuddling and little boy hugs. Then I got an update from Rachel on her 5K training and her favorite story in mythology. SO nice to hang out with people who understand just getting through the crazy day-to-day and enjoying the moments as they come.  And I always come away with great app or plugin suggestions, a new book idea, and some new songs in my head (in a 45-minute drive!)

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