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These are my adorable new glasses from Eye Buy Direct. They feel perfectly comfortable, they look great, and I have eagle-eye vision. I’d been on their email list for several months, and had tried on several pairs of glasses with their “EyeTry before you buy” option, where you upload a picture of yourself and try on different frames. I was hesitant to actually order a pair, though, because I wear progressive (no lines) bifocals, I have astigmatism, I’ve had lasik surgery twice, and I’m really picky about anything to do with my eyes. But I’m a sucker for a bargain, so when Eye Buy Direct contacted me and offered me a free pair of prescription glasses I jumped on the opportunity!

Their site has a HUGE selection of frames, including designer frames. They describe each frame in detail, including the exact dimensions of each portion of the frame. It is clearly marked on each frame whether they can be made bifocal, trifocal, or progressive. I actually had an EASIER time picking out frames on this site than I’ve had in most optometrist’s offices. I called the office where I’d had my last eye exam and had them fax me my prescription (it’s YOURS, you paid for it, don’t hesitate to do this) and the order form was easy to fill out. The only part I had a problem with was “pupillary distance”. I’m not sure if this is only on prescriptions that aren’t single-vision or if it’s on all, but this is the distance between your pupils. There is a handy instructional page for how to measure it, but let me just warn you NOT to try to do it yourself in the mirror. That’s what I did and Eye Buy Direct sent me a nice email saying “We are concerned this measurement may not be correct.” Well, of course I’d done it wrong, and if they hadn’t caught it I would have ended up with glasses that made me cross-eyed.

So I sent them the corrected measurement and they started to work on my glasses. Progressive bifocals, thin and lite option, anti-scratch, anti-reflective, with an 80% grey tint. The arrived on my doorstep 6 business days later. This was QUICKER than the ordered-in-person glasses I’d bought six months ago. I put them on, and it took about ten minutes for me to adjust to them enough for driving, but I think that’s to be expected with ANY new glasses, especially progressive bifocals.
I know what you REALLY want to know: how much? These glasses, with the options listed above, would have cost just under $100 including shipping from Eye Buy Direct. The progressive bifocals with THE SAME options (except no tint) that I bought six months ago at a local optometrist cost $400 even with pretty darn good vision insurance.
Am I saying you should buy every single pair of glasses from Eye Buy Direct? No, probably not. If it’s your FIRST pair of glasses or your FIRST pair of bifocals of any kind, please go somewhere and get personal attention. Find out what size glasses suit you, how you like your earpieces shaped, how wide the nose piece should be. But if you’ve been wearing glasses for a while and just need a new pair, a cuter pair, a pair of tinted lenses? Maybe you always wear contacts but you’d like a pair of glasses for back-up? Oh, yes, Eye Buy Direct is the way to go. I would NEVER have paid $400 for a pair of prescription sunglasses – I would have kept squinting forever. But with prescription glasses this cheap, there’s no reason not to buy a pair. If you are young and don’t need more than single-vision lenses (GRRR!) you can get off dirt-cheap. I do recommend ALWAYS getting the anti-reflective option, though. I’d never gotten it before my first pair of bifocals and it makes a HUGE difference.
Eye Buy Direct is allowing me to offer my readers a 15% discount on their first purchase. Just enter this code at checkout: IFRQHW8BFR
disclaimer: In exchange for a review post Eye Buy Direct gave me a coupon code worth $100 toward prescription eyeglasses from their site. All opinions expressed are my own (aren’t they always?!)
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