Fab Five in Nine Lines.

I’m taking up Mama Kat’s challenge this week and writing a blog post in just nine lines!

Loved Tan at first sight – the epitome of class! And #thathair sigh

Karamo is so genuine – I’ll never believe his responses are scripted.

Bobby – Mr. unresolved issues. I want to bring him home for supper 🙁

Antonio – the quiet crier. I can SO relate.

Jonathan – I’m still on the fence here.
The hair-flipping in Season One made me want someone to push him out of the SUV. Better in Season Two, but he has to stop swishing. No one really behaves that way. Seriously.

LOVE that they are not limiting their makeovers to straight guys!

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6 thoughts on “Fab Five in Nine Lines.”

    1. That was the name of the original series (several years ago), with completely different cast members. Netflix did a ‘reboot’ last year with brand-new cast members and a more serious approach. The last episode I watched had them helping an elderly woman in a small Southern town recover her self-confidence after a battle with cancer and meanwhile completing a Community Center attached to her church. Yes, I cried.

  1. when I was in jr high (maybe itcarried over to hs) there were 5 girls who called themselves the fab five….so seeing this title brought back memories. your posts always make me smile!

    1. That’s pretty funny! I wonder if any of them remember that when they watch or read about the series? Or perhaps one of them is a producer or writer for the show – wouldn’t that be a hoot?

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