Fabulous Friday – A Week in My Life

This is what I woke up to Friday morning:

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Pretty awesome, huh?  Aaron’s twentieth birthday is Monday, but since he has to head back to college Saturday night we decided we’d celebrate Friday night.  So I had some errands to run.  My first stop was Target, where I hunted down the nerdiest guy I could find, read the words carefully printed on a piece of paper in my purse, and asked, “This is the one that came out just the other day, right?  ‘Cause the one I want just came out.”  He walked right to it, unlocked the display case, and handed me their last copy.  Score!  While I was in line I got a text from my friend Dianna telling me she and her family were heading to noon Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes, the church I’ve been attending more and more often lately.  I texted her that I’d meet her there.  It turned out that this particular day’s Mass included a funeral for a woman who had been married sixty-one years.  Between “Amazing Grace”, “Ave Maria” and scriptures about being a good woman, wife, and mother Dianna and I used up the packet of tissues I had in my purse.  Before the Mass started, though, I did get to sneak in a few snuggles.

me with Thomas (I think)

Then the Kennedy Kaboodle hustled off to the park and I make a bee-line for the grocery store.  I dropped that stuff off at home, downed a pain pill and a muscle relaxer, and headed out for more errands.  It was a beautiful day and my car was empty, so a fill-up and a carwash was next on the priority list.  I like car washes.

Next stop was Gigi’s, home of the best cupcakes in the world.  I looked at the case, called Aaron and told him what flavors they had in stock, then looked at the lady at the counter and said very seriously, “We’re gonna need a bigger box.”  She didn’t get my Jaws reference, but I did bring home a huge selection of awesome cupcakes.

After I got home I was a bit tired, so Aaron carried the cupcakes in for me and then he went for a run while I made myself some lunch and, once John was home from school and had been instructed not to eat all the cupcakes, took a nap.  It ended up being a longer nap than I’d planned, and when I woke up it was time to party!  Michael came home from working hard all day and fighting traffic the whole way home and offered to make supper because he could tell immediately I still wasn’t feeling my best.  We had Shrimp Scampi Pizza, one of my Aunt Beverly‘s most fabulous recipes, and since Michael made it there was much more cheese involved than when I make it.  Therefore, it was even more delicious than usual 🙂  This picture was of the last two pieces from the second pizza – I almost forgot to take it!  I just realized she’s never posted this recipe on her blog, so hopefully when she reads this she’ll post it ASAP and I’ll let you guys know it’s up.  It’s a huge favorite around here.

We all snuggled with the dogs on the big brown sofa and then the cupcakes started calling, so we ate cupcakes while Aaron opened presents.

Aaron loved the cross-trainers I’d picked out for him, which relieved me greatly, and I’d gotten the right game at Target (thanks, wonderful nerd-guy!).  I actually watched them play the game for quite some time before I headed off to bed, because the graphics were so amazing.  I’m not much on video games, but I felt like I was looking at real cars and real scenery.  Of course, you can’t tell at all in this picture, but it was awesome.

Forza 4 for X-Box 360

It was a wonderful Friday.  It was one of those days I wish I could just hit a button and live again and again instead of whatever crappy day I might currently be having.

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5 thoughts on “Fabulous Friday – A Week in My Life”

    1. Believe it or not, the cupcakes taste even better than they look – they are addictive! And GiGi’s is a chain, so check it out – you might have one near you and not know it! Yep, inside the car in the carwash – it always feels cozy and womblike for those few minutes 🙂

    1. He only runs when he doesn’t have time for Insanity – it’s not his first choice. My personal favorites from GiGi’s were the peanut butter fluff and wedding cake. The magical chocolate chip in white and dark chocolate were also a big hit, as were peanut butter cup and salted caramel.

      1. Awesome –I thought the wedding cake looked great. We have date night Monday – hopefully, I’ll feel well enough to ask for a cupcake!
        I’m awfully proud of him for the running/Insanity thing. Does John get involved, too?

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