Fabulous Nails in One Week

My nails have been awful lately. I’ve never had thick, strong nails, but lately they’ve been chipping, splitting, and just plain not growing. If money were no object I’d just go get one of those shellac gel manicures I’ve been hearing such good things about, but that’s not in the budget. A 99 cent box of gelatin, though, well that’s more my speed! I saw this pin on Pinterest:


And decided to give it a try.  I doubled the recipe (1 oz. Knox gelatin, 2 cups water, boil until dissolved and then let cool) and stored it in the sort of tupperware container you’d use to take a salad for lunch – just big enough to fit the nails of both hands into.  I kept it in the fridge and microwaved it on high for one minute once a day when I knew I’d have ten minutes to sit still.  I usually did my ten minutes while reading, so I kept a paper towel handy for page-turning.  After a week I was really surprised at how much better my nails looked.  Sorry, I don’t have before and after shots – I didn’t think it would make this much difference!

Not bad, huh?  Still a little ridgey, but much better than what they were like before.  This one’s a no-brainer for me, just like when I noticed those unsightly forehead wrinkles.  Hmmm, Botox or bangs?  *Peek at the checkbook*  Bangs it is!

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10 thoughts on “Fabulous Nails in One Week”

    1. Excellent question! I realized about four days after stopping that my nails were starting to get weaker, so I’m planning on keeping this in the fridge and doing it a couple of times a week to maintain it.

  1. Wonder if will help with my problem…my nails “split”? My nails peel away like peeling layers of an onion! I remember my grandma always complaining of the same problem.
    Now find how to fix my low iron problem with out eating spinach out the wazoo….cause if I don’t get it up soon, I am going to be bald. Think I would look better as a blonde (wig)?

    1. That’s exactly what mine were doing. I’d be left with paper-thin end on my nails – ICK! So, yes, this will help that. I remember Paula was dealing with sudden hair loss a while back – call and ask her what if was she ended up doing. I know it was something suggested by a derm guy.

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