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My absolute favorite episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation is Darmok:
Why? Because it combines my love of anthropology and communication with my whole-hearted belief that authenticity is essential for any lasting relationship among family or friends. What I want most is not to be thin, rich, popular, attractive, intelligent, or talented. I just want to be genuine – authentic. However you want to phrase it.

This post is all about the languages my family communicates with. We all love Mel Brooks movies, no matter how politically incorrect. Soups are fabulous winter meals, but we can’t get through a single evening without someone spouting, “Judas! Try the soup!” (It’s not quite right, but close enough.)
The Birdcage is another family favorite, and when my eldest used to act surprised to find microwave popcorn in the pantry I’d always say, “Yeah, the popcorn fairy dropped by.” Now, when we’re down a car (most of the time) my husband will text “fairy dust, fairy dust, fairy dust” to let me know he’s playing wine fairy and picking up a box o’wine (we’re poor).
Back when Michael and I were first dating (he’s from Louisville, KY) he didn’t understand that The Ballgame ONLY meant the University of Kentucky was playing someone. Or that wearing any color other than Wildcat Blue on game day was verboten!

He and I have our own language for days he makes a 400-mile round-trip to a lab near the Tennessee border. I worry because there are still areas he can’t get cell reception, so he’ll text me, “NARF!” when he gets to the lab. It’s a reference to a short-lived Warner Brothers cartoon called Pinky and the Brain which I dearly loved. Their Christmas special was particularly wonderful.
What snippets of movies, TV shows, books, etc make up YOUR family’s language?


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