Father’s Day ~ Saint Cecilia ~ Saints and Scripture Sunday

St. Cecilia is the patron saint of music, which may seem a strange choice for a blog post on Father’s Day . . . unless you know my husband. Michael is a musician at heart. No, it’s not what he does for a living right now, but it’s what he IS. And thankfully, he has passed that on to our children. Our boys not only loved music from an early age, but they both enjoy making music themselves.
I’ll always remember Aaron as a three-year-old singing Tom Petty songs. “Free Falling” became “Three-Fouring” and “Running Down a Dream” became “Running Down the Drain”. The parochial school he attended from Kindergarten through eighth grade didn’t have a real music program, so when he wanted to audition for the drumline at the public senior high school he would be attending I warned him that he surely would not make the drumline, that he didn’t have any experience and was competing against kids who had been in band since elementary school. Michael’s genes won out and Aaron nabbed a spot on the drumline, where he performed spectacularly throughout high school. He says he’ll make the drumline at the college he’s attending (famous for their drumline) and I believe him.
John has been musically inclined since a young age as well, never afraid to express a preference for Classic Rock over the Country that I normally play in the car. He’s playing Saxophone in the band, and I hope he keeps it up through middle school and high school.
All of this is due to Michael. He gave them not just the genetic ability to hear and play music (I am tone deaf and can’t play a flutaphone) but an appreciation of music and a knowledge of music history that they will always have. I know music will always have a place in my children’s hearts and lives thanks to Michael.
Of course, there are many other reasons he’s a wonderful father. One of the first that springs to mind is that he gets everybody up and out every morning. I have always gone to work earlier than any sane person gets out of bed, so for the past 18 years Michael has been responsible for getting the boys up, showered, dressed, fed, their stuff together, and delivered to daycare or school on time. Really. Every day. You’re jealous, aren’t you? And I have to rub it in and say he was almost never late and only once did he dress Aaron in a pink blanket sleeper for daycare. We’ve always split the “got to leave, have a sick kid” days evenly, and when there’s a school project that involves history he takes the ball and runs with it.
Most importantly, he loves me and the boys. I know my sons are learning how a man is a good husband to his wife through good times and bad when they watch Michael. And isn’t that the most important thing we do, to raise our children to be the best people, spouses, parents, friends that they can possibly be?

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One thought on “Father’s Day ~ Saint Cecilia ~ Saints and Scripture Sunday”

  1. Great post! Michael is a 5 Star Dad in my book. Everyone wish him a Happy Father's Day. Good job Michael.

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