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The living room sofa is all the kids’ favorite spot (furry and non-furry kids).  Neither of the boys has a TV or computer in their room, and even when Aaron is home from college he tends to plop his laptop down on the coffee table in the living room rather than going off somewhere more private.  It’s just a habit we got into early on, mainly because Michael and I both work full-time and we wanted to all be together when we were home, even if we were doing different things.  But with two growing boys and two large dogs our living room furniture takes a lot of abuse.  I am anxiously awaiting delivery of a new sectional we ordered a month ago, because the sofa pictured above is on its last legs.  We bought it a few years ago from Home Reserve because you can pull ALL the fabric off and throw it in the washer.  See the corner where the wood underneath is showing?  That’s what happens when you forget you’re not supposed to put it in the dryer.  It’s been a great sofa, though – perfect for people with small children or old dogs.  In fact, the love seat may just go to college with Aaron next year – it completely disassembles for moving and has lots of storage under the cushions.  Now I just have to break it to Sam that her favorite piece of furniture is leaving.

The prompt this week on Capture the Everyday at Adventuroo is “The Kids’ Favorite Part of the House” – drop by and join in!

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7 thoughts on “Favorite Part of the House ~ Capture the Everyday”

  1. I love the way he’s looking right into the camera like please, don’t make me move:) So cute!
    And, a washable couch cover? Genius!

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