February 3 in 30

Since my Home goal last month wasn’t a total success I’m going to keep trying with a variation of Fly Lady this month.  I noticed the other day (while cleaning off bookshelves in my bedroom) that I have quite a collection of cleaning and de-cluttering books.

And two of my favorites aren’t even in this stack: Speed Cleaning and Spring Cleaning, both by Jeff Campbell.  I may not be an exceptionally good housekeeper, but I am certainly a very well-read one!  I’d also like to start whittling away at our credit card debt this month, but since I’m still adjusting my budget to my new paycheck frequency I’ll have to play that one by ear.

My Health goal is pretty straight-forward.  I’ve been having neck and back pain constantly for over a year, and I want to take it from an 8 on a scale of 1-10 (where I am now) to a 3.  I had an MRI this week and I have an appointment with a new neurosurgeon later this month, so I have my fingers crossed he’ll have some good suggestions.

My Happiness goal this month involves taking another online writing class, which I’ve already started, attending a live educational offering from an author I LOVE later this month, and submitting my manuscript to two agents.  I have my copy of Literary Marketplace on the dining room table, but it’s rather large and intimidating!  What are your 3 in 30 goals this month?

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12 thoughts on “February 3 in 30”

  1. We must post at teh same time each week!! I’m here again from 3 in 30 and I really like how you have your goals laid out. I hope you find the relief you need for your back!!
    I feel like for house cleaning type stuff I’m better at preparation than I am at execution….kind of like you being well read on it!!!

    Good luck this month!!

  2. Great job laying out those goals! I’m so sorry to hear that you are expieriencing back pain – ugh. Hoping that you are able to get that taken care of fast!!

  3. LOL… I have a number of books on certain topics that I love to read about, but I’m not sure that you could tell if you looked at my life! Maybe we need to work together to implement the knowledge we have in our heads into practical application in our lives!

  4. I hope you get some good news with your back pain. If you don’t get it down to a 3 though, no worries! It’s not your fault.

  5. 3 in 30 sounds like a good approach. If I did it, my happiness goal would definitely be to write a new bio for myself–inspired by you and your Kennedy Adventures guest post, of course. Seriously, your health goal is always in my prayers and I wish you well in the other goals, too. On my own home-cleaning front, I cleaned off a shelf in the TV room during the Super Bowl and found several gift cards my daughter got for graduation nearly two years ago, thankfully none that expired. She’s going to use the Panera one to take me to breakfast soon….

    1. That’s the way cleaning should be rewarded – well done! Wasn’t that bio a hoot? Dianna had emailed asking for a bio, and I was in a silly mood and sent that one, never thinking she’d use it! I laughed myself silly the day she posted it! And most importantly, thank you for the prayers 🙂

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