Feel Good Friday ~ Care Packages

This has been a stressful week. We moved Aaron into his freshman dorm on Sunday, John started Middle School on Tuesday, and I wrecked my car rather badly on Wednesday. The good news is that Aaron will be playing tenors on Morehead’s drumline – “The World’s Most Dangerous Drum Line!”, John loves his new school and is enjoying riding the bus (Thank you, God!), and the only damage from my wreck is to my pride and my pocketbook.

My friends have really kept me smiling this week, though. I’ve gotten emails, phone calls, tweets, and cards galore from people just asking how I’m doing and telling me they’re thinking about me. So many times that’s what helps the most – just knowing there are people out there who know you’re having a tough time and are wishing you well. I also got a couple of surprise packages this week. When I got home Wednesday after the stupid wreck (paperback book under brake, car smashes into concrete wall of parking garage), the “potential serial killer” tow truck driver, and the tinkertoy lowriding ooma-loompa rental car this was waiting for me:

These books, magazines, candy, comics, etc came with a letter and little notes on each item. The package was from a friend I have actually never met in real life! We chat via email, Twitter, and the blog. She has more experience than I do with sending children off to college, so she has been a WEALTH of information. You know me, I want concrete suggestions – and Dulcie delivers! She sent me a “care package” of the type that would be perfect to send to a college student: stuff all you can in a pre-paid envelope or package, always include candy, and make everything personal 🙂 The stuff she selected for me is almost eerily perfect.

Then today at work I opened an interdepartmental envelope from a co-worker that I very rarely see. We email about work stuff and chat a bit on Facebook, and she’s also been very sympathetic to my “the nest is emptying” crisis. Inside the envelope was a B-52’s CD! I laughed out loud and listened to it the whole time I was working on schedules this afternoon. Then I took it with me when I left and listened to it in the car, since I can’t figure out how to work the radio in the rental car from hell. I truly cannot hear “Love Shack” without singing along and dancing around. Of course this probably explains why I got so much done this afternoon – people passing my office were afraid to talk to me, sure I’d finally gone over the deep end 😉 Thanks, Monica!

What are you feeling good about today? Surely there’s something! Drop by and share!

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4 thoughts on “Feel Good Friday ~ Care Packages”

  1. It is so great to have good friends, both in person and via these wonderful computers.

    Empty nest is not something we will have for awhile, seems like kids leave and come back at least that's what my older daughter did. Oldest son and his wife just moved out this month. Younger daughter is commuting to college, one hitch, she waited so long to get her driver's license that she failed the driving test on Tuesday, so now is trying to find rides. Youngest son is Senior in high school and is still working out his college plans. 🙂

    I don't know what I'll do when they all leave home.


  2. Isn't Dulcie wonderful? She always seems to know the right things to say and do. What a great care package from both friends.

  3. How awesome to have such caring people in your life and now they can see how much they mean to you. It is a wonderful circle this Feel Good Friday thing!

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