Feel Good Friday With My iPhone

OK, I know this is shallow, but I really do love my iPhone. I may have mentioned this before, but now I love it even more. It gives me directions to places I’ve never been before, or places I’ve been to twenty times but still can’t find without help (I’m directionally challenged). It tells me where the nearest Starbucks is when I really need a Grande Cinnamon Dolce Latte as soon as possible. It holds all my favorite blogs in my Google Reader so I can read them when I’m supposed to be doing something else. It has Tweetdeck, because unless I’m asleep I MUST check Tweetdeck every ten minutes in case something exciting happens somewhere, to someone. Then there’s Facebook, because I want to see the pictures everyone posts – I’m just nosy that way. And I can keep track of how many glasses of water I’ve drunk so far today, find out what that song is on the radio, see which redbox location has “Sweet Home Alabama” available (I really need to just buy that), put money on my son’s Paypal card, buy a vintage quilt on ebay, learn a little Italian, look up drug interactions and side effects (had to throw a work one in there), listen to a guided meditation mp3, and pretend to behead people who annoy me with a lightsaber (that’s one’s for work, too). Oh, and I can call people on the phone, too. I rarely do that, though. Tweeting and texting is way more fun. What makes YOU happy today? Join in Feel Good Friday at The Girl Next Door Grows Up and tell us all about it!
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8 thoughts on “Feel Good Friday With My iPhone”

  1. Oh how I wish I had one…..a smart phone even….heck I would take one with a keyboard. One day I will LOL!!

  2. Your radio station has an app? I love mine too, but after reading this I realize that I need to explore the apps.

    When did you switch to a dot com???

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I LOVE my Iphone too! I honestly have no idea how I ever lived without it. Granted, it means that I'm constantly checking it whenever I get a spare minute…but who cares? It's so fun.

  4. I can't WAIT to get an iPhone. My contract is up in September and that's what I have my eye on. *jealous* I want an iPad too, but I'm gonna wait a Loooooong time on that one. 🙂

    Here's my Feel Good Friday!

  5. Since my accident I am techie challenged, can't text fast enough with just one working hand , lol, my kids have Iphones and love them, me I just need a regular phone and this computer and I probably spend more time than any of you tweeting and on Facebook. lol my kids think I'm addicted to this computer and they are right!!!


  6. Happy FGF!

    I'm thinking of buying myself a Motorola Droid this weekend. Very similar to the iPhone but for Verizon users and with a huge Google functionality that I love. So I totally feel ya on the awesome phone love!

  7. As I made my purchase before moving (as it turns out for quite a short time) out of the country I own an ipod touch and not an iphone, but I do love it. With more love than I thought I had to give.

    It's very intense.

  8. " I MUST check Tweetdeck every ten minutes in case something exciting happens somewhere, to someone."- very funny!:)

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