Fencing Lessons, Perhaps?

Jack and I just got home from seeing Percy Jackson and the Olympians – The Lightning Thief. He LOOOVED the books, and I have to admit I liked them pretty well myself. They were well-written, and through reading them a kid will learn ACCURATE Greek mythology trivia. Is this helpful? Oh, yeah! All through college I carried 18 to 21 credit hours a semester because I couldn’t afford to pay for summer school, and anything over and above 12 credit hours was free. I’ve always loved a bargain. Anyway, I was always in search of classes to fulfill requirements for “rounding out” my Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, and I took Philosophy, Astronomy, and Military Science classes before ending up in Greek Mythology class. I adored it, and after my two years of Latin in high school it was the easiest A I ever got. I suggested it to my friend, Kim, who was also looking for Mickey Mouse classes. She took it the next semester and HATED IT. It’s a miracle our friendship survived. And here we are, all these many years later, and we have boys the same ago who both love Greek mythology and the Percy Jackson books. Who would have thought? So, there was a lot of swordplay in the movie, and I just love a well-choreographed swordplay scene. I go to the Kentucky Shakespeare Festival every year in Central Park in Louisville, and I’m never disappointed in the swordplay (or anything else, really). What’s the first thing I did when I got home from the movies today? Yup, I googled fencing lessons. I think Jack would love it, and it would certainly give him an edge for Camp Shakespeare this summer! Anyone have any experience with fencing lessons? Suggestions for things to look for or avoid? I hope they’ll let me stay and watch the lessons, ’cause I really want to be ready in case Catherine Zeta Jones is unavailable and Antonio Banderas needs a co-star for another Zorro movie – oh, baby!

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