Financial Woes? Let Me Help!

Most of you know Michael and I work as independent brand partners for Nerium. Why? Well, the product’s results knocked me off my feet after trying it for only three days, and it’s new enough that getting on-board now is like buying a few shares of Microsoft when they first became available – seriously.  This is my current favorite results picture.
age gracefully
Yes, it’s a picture of a woman after she’s been using the product for two years. I love the great changes after thirty or sixty days, but I turn forty-eight tomorrow, so for me it’s about the long haul. I want to know that if I dedicate myself to putting this on my face every night I will see differences not just during the next couple of months, but for years to come. I want to be a gorgeous grandma!

But it’s not only about the fabulous break-through products that improve the appearance of your skin head-to-toe. It’s about making money. I haven’t been able to work since my third and fourth spinal surgery in the spring of 2011, and SSI estimates I still have almost a year before I get an answer on my first attempt at disability. Since I was the primary breadwinner in the family this has put us in chronic crisis mode. There are many other people out there in the same boat: college grads who have student loans due and can’t find jobs, people who have been laid off, retired people who have realized they can’t afford retirement, and people who are dealing with crippling medical bills.

Then, of course, there are people who simply don’t make enough money to make ends meet no matter how frugally they live. People who lie awake at night wishing they had just a little more money so they didn’t have to work overtime every week, so they could have more time with their friends and family, so they could pursue their true passions. Let’s face it, there are a lot of people who hate their jobs. They show up, they work hard at full-time jobs for decades because they have to keep a roof over their heads, food on the table, and pay insurance premiums. It doesn’t have to be like that.
This month you can sign up with Nerium – using the package that best suits your needs, and with no minimum sales. Sign up only two people and “Fast Start Qualify”. It’s a prestigious title and it makes every other rank advancement, commission increase, and bonus that much easier to qualify for.  When I FSQd I had to hit a certain sales volume in my first month and sign three brand partners. So I’m excited about helping others get started. I can’t promise you instant millions. What I can promise is that if you do this one year from now you will look younger, be more financially secure, and be happier. Let me help you take the first step. Contact me ASAP – no high-pressure sales talk (I don’t think I even know how to do that) – just sharing the information others have been kind enough to share with me!

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