Five Hundred More Reasons to Follow Me!

Who’s into Instagram? Don’t be shy, chime in! Odds are y’all started using Instagram for the same reason I did. You’re nosey. I don’t mean that in a negative way, I just mean you enjoy seeing pictures of people’s children and pets and vacations and birthdays and holidays and houses and gardens. My boys are 25 and 18, so I love to see baby pictures, first steps, first and last days of school, plays, dance recitals, marching bands, all of it! I just inherently want to be up in everybody’s business. I blame my mom. JUST KIDDING, MOM! (She says she reads all my posts, but that may just be a ruse.)

But ever since I found out I’m getting a GRANDDAUGHTER this spring my Instagram activity has shifted. I follow people around the world who offer the most wonderful handmade, eco-friendly, age-appropriate, STEM-focused, and simply beautiful baby and toddler items imaginable! And yes, some uber-cute adult clothes, accessories and home decor that this Nonna-to-be adores! In today’s economy I like to buy from small businesses whenever I can. For every apathetic teen at the checkout of a chain department store there’s a couple of moms running their shop as a side-gig who’d be doing a happy dance when they get your order!

Everyone knows that Michael and I use Nerium products and encourage others to use them (if it’s a good fit and you’d maybe even like to get your products for free) or even to start their own business if the timing and the motivation is right. (i.e. Do you need more time freedom or financial freedom?)

After the holidays are over and we’ve made our New Years’ Resolutions what’s next on the minds of most adults? Taxes. I don’t want to rain on your parade, but if you suspect you’ll be paying taxes this year CONTACT ME! If you become a Nerium business owner before the end of the month you can take your start-up costs off your taxes as a business expense. And you’ll get more than your money’s worth in products only, with support, training, and a free personalized website as an extra. It’s a business you integrate into your life, so the busier you are already the less you have to do!

I ramble on when I’m excited. I’m sorry. Sometime this evening, around 8 or 9 EST, get on Instagram and check out my post. I’m @angieballard. You can then enter to win a GC from a fabulous shop that starts with an A and ends with an E and carries gorgeous stuff like this:
or you can take your money in Paypal cash and run! How much? Well, it involves this number

plus two zeros! I’m pretty stinking excited, because I’ve never been part of a giveaway this big before! So go over and at least check it out to make sure I’m not looking like some sort of dork. I’d appreciate it!

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