Five Signs You Need a Vacation

1.) You forget what you are doing in the middle of a task โ€“ like while pumping gas.

2.) You arrive on time to pick your child up from play practice at his elementary school. Heโ€™s in middle school.

3.) Youโ€™re doing laundry and you notice that the only clothes you ever wear are work clothes and jammies. And there are way more work clothes than jammies.

4.) You have an entire season of a TV series DVRโ€™d and have yet to watch a single episode.

5.) Heating canned soup for supper sounds like too much work.

I am off work until Monday, thank God. My plans include reading, napping, a pedicure, and a cervical epidural injection. Jealous?

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8 thoughts on “Five Signs You Need a Vacation”

  1. Yes, I am jealous! I don’t even work and I need a vacation. Everything and everyone is getting on my nerves today. It’s 5:15 and I’m getting ready to put my jammies on, now.

  2. Yikes, except for that last part! I need a vacation. Having a bad pmsing day where everything has gone wrong. But Husband informs me that tomorrow he is playing hooky and taking me to the golf course to hit the crap out of my hormones and get all the stuff off my chest! All I need now is a chick flick and a tub of Ben & Jerry’s. *sigh*

    1. Your hubby is a sweetheart! I haven’t played in forever, but I always used to like to draw a design on my ball with a pink marker before Michael and I went out and tell him that gave me the right to stop counting shots whenever I wanted to. I’m too Type-A to ever truly enjoy golf ๐Ÿ™ but my hubby loves it. When I need to get rid of a lot of emotions I watch Steel Magnolias – I always cry at the same exact moment – I’m like Pavlov’s dog – but it still helps! Ice cream, of, course, is invaluable. Today I had the Pumpkin Pie Blizzard from Dairy Queen: AWESOME!

  3. Too funny, I just finished watching an entire season of a show that I had DVR’d. Though in my defense the season was a summer season and we don’t watch TV in the summer.

    I think this list also can fit into the whole pregnancy brain syndrome! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m so there, due in less than a month!

  4. Haha! I am so with you! I decided today I was taking the day off. Sort of. No groceries. No errands. Just me and the littles playing (and of course napping but never at the same time) all day.

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