Five Things That Made Me Happy This Week – Feel Good Friday

OK, five things that made me really happy this week. Really, that’s not so hard.
1.) coffee . . . one big cup, or two if I really need it, and I have to have this:
YUMMM! I buy the “skinny” version, though, so I don’t have to feel guilty about it (play along, please!)

2.) This week I checked People of WalMart every day and not once did I have a relative featured – WHEW! I know it’s bound to happen one day, but not this week, thank goodness.
3.) My TENS unit. If you’ve never been in so much pain you knew it was just a matter of time before you’d pass out, be thankful. If you have, then you know how wonderful it is when that pain diminishes enough to make laughing, walking, and sleeping possible.
4.) This sweet dog: She always knows when I need a “puppy snuggle”.
5.) My blog, which gives me a place to rant on bad days so my husband and children don’t have to listen to me (not that they were listening most of the time anyway).
Stop by Feel Good Fridays at The Girl Next Door Grows Up and start your weekend off right!
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9 thoughts on “Five Things That Made Me Happy This Week – Feel Good Friday”

  1. Ok so my husband uses fat free creamer and if the store is out, I pour the regular stuff into the old bottle so he won't feel bad. Is that a bad thing to do? 🙂

    I had 2 friends that used Tens too so I hear you and am glad you can sleep and walk. Walking is good.

    Thank you for participating in FGF!! I really appreciate it. Have a super weekend.

  2. Screw my relatives! LOL! Every time I look on People of Walmart, I'm glad I don't ever find MYSELF! Haha! I'm not trashy and have my butt or boobs hanging out all the time…but I go there in costume a lot. I'm SURE one day I'll be on it.

    Following you now! Found you on Girl next Door's feel good friday!

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